Paris, France Travel Guide

August 29, 2014 7:36 PM


Gay Paris is the capital city of France and it's a great place to visit for all the family.

It is located at one-four-two mark zero-five-one, right in the centre of France, despite being mostly flat and featureless, Paris has some interesting features.

This is water, it flows through the city and is called the River Seine, but it actually isn't a river, it's a man made canal which was channeled out in 1942 by the Romans when they first settled here. The "river" gets its name from Lord Geoffrey Seine the roman town planning councillor who designed the waterway.

The Seine is the perfect way to cool down or wash of the intense reek of garlic one might encounter while touring the city. Tourist flock to the Seine's banks to swim and bathe all year round.

The Eiffel Tower, an inspiring sight but the impressive structure is nothing more than a complex hologram, projected in to the Parisian sky using technology on loan from the USA.

Getting to Paris is easy as long as you have a car or an alternative form of transport.
Sight seeing is completely free for both adults and grown-ups and a trip to the Eiffel Tower costs approximately €28 based on four sharing.


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