Powerful Valentine's Love Ritual - Real Magic

February 06, 2020 2:10 AM
Two powerful ritual magic spells to bring love into your life this Valentine's Day. This magic can deepen existing love, bring new love or return a lover.

With Valentine's day fast approaching, finding love is on everyone's mind. So, here are a couple of way to attract love. Starting with a love spell to make a specific person fall for you. For this spell you'll need a piece of A4 paper that's been prepared with a standard wizard's fold.

Then you'll need to drop in some ingredients that represent the person you want to attract the affection of, I'm using ham, twigs, kaloo feathers and sea wax.

Next fold the paper up in to a little envelope encasing the ingredients inside. While folding concentrate on the person of your desire. Then seal the envelope with glue.

On the front of the envelope you'll need to draw or print an ancient love sigil from the jurassic period. Double wrap the envelope in string like a little parcel to bind it, and tie it off on the back using your favourite knot, I recommend the Swan Hitch. Cut off the excess string using your scissor or scissors.

Then take a red candle to symbolise your burning love and seal the envelope by carefully dripping the wax on to the front and back.

Return your candle to a location that is safe, legal and convenient. You'll now need a pen. Write the name of the person you want to attract in each corner of the envelope. By performing this ritual you have charged the ingredients inside the envelope and focussed your intent.

Keep the the the envelope in your pocket or handbag for the next seven days and then bury it under a tree with some gooseberries.

The next method will help you to attract love by bringing someone new into your life. For this ritual you'll need a natural circle pentagram, a tea light candle, a luxury feather, a rose quartz crystal named Andy and the lyrics to the ancient spell.

First carefully light the candle - the one I'm using is enthused with Rose and Violet that symbolises love. Then pick up the crystal using at least two fingers and place it on the pentagram. Next you'll need to focus on your desire to fall in love and read aloud the following spell...

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

You'll then need a special mix of love amplifying spices, made of one part cinnamon, two parts nutmeg. Take a pinch of the spice mix and drop it into the candle flame. Then pick up the feather and the crystal. Waft some of the warm candle air three times towards the crystal.

The crystal is now charged and holds the power of the spell, keep it near you until Valentine's Day. You may also want to charge a sentimental object, like a rose quartz wrist necklace.

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