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This page is for standard guest post/article bookings. If you are looking for a more creative, bespoke partnership or page you'll find more details here. If you'd like to book a standard guest post, please use the form below.

Once booking is complete, simply send us your article (minimum 500 words and maximum of one image) and it will be published in the same way as regular articles within 48 hours.

Your post will spend at least five days on the homepage and will remain on the website permanently. These pages can include 'do follow' links.

Any guest content must be unique and add some value to the website, it should be relevant to the type of content we run on the site.

The cost of a guest post publication is $70, this includes a $20 non-refundable booking fee. Please ensure you comply with the rules below before requesting a booking.

• Minimum 500 unique words
• The post must be relevant to the website
• No links to online gaming companies/casino games/betting sites
• No links to adult websites
• No links to essay writing services
• No links to any other unethical services

Failure to comply with these rules will result in an instant cancellation and full refund, minus the booking fee.

Once booking is complete we will contact you via email with further instructions.

1x Guest Post - $70

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