Denbigh Castle - Haunted History

Denbigh Castle

Denbigh, Denbighshire

The ruins of the 13th century Denbigh Castle in North Wales was built during Edward I's conquest of Wales. The castle's most famous ghost is that of a white lady who has been seen on several occasions gliding through the castle's ground. Some have reported seeing her being followed by a strange glowing mist and is most frequently sighted on footpaths near a part of the castle known as the Goblin tower.

Other visitor have reported seeing a dark shadowy figure moving around inside the Goblin tower, a young boy's face is often seen looking out of one of the windows in this part of the building. It's said that this is the ghost of one of the castle builder's sons who fell to his death during the castle's construction.

There's also stories of the disembodied cries of a heartbroken woman being heard around the castle, it's believed that she was getting water from a well when her child fell from her arms and died at the bottom of the well.

Denbigh Castle Map


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