Gibson Street, Glasgow: The Bermuda Triangle Of Ghostly Activity

Gibson Street, Glasgow

Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Recorded ghostly activity on Gibson Street in the Woodside area of Glasgow's West End goes back as far as the 1950s, but the residential road seems to have been home to an unnatural concentration of paranormal potential over the years.

In 1958 a group of American students recorded haunting voices and witnessed a radio repeatedly switching itself on immediately after being turned off, and objects moving of their own accord. This apparently included dancing eggs and a bread board being thrown off of the kitchen sideboard. They left the flat because of the phenomena that they started to experience.

It's recently been revealed on the paranormal podcast, 'Uncanny' that a climber living at 39 Gibson Street in the 1970s. He eventually left the apartment after escalating paranormal activity, which included poltergeist activity, as well as a cross made out of old newspapers laid on the floor under the carpet and even what he believed to be blood stains. A lightbulb also fell from its fitting and smashed at the same moment he made these other discoveries.

One possible explanation for the haunting is the suicide of John McAlpine. Although 39 Gibson Street was only ever McAlpine's childhood home and he took his own life when he was 40 at a remote cottage in the highlands, but it just so happens that the climber living at number 39 also visited this same cottage where McAlpine died and he experienced poltergeist activity there, but was completely unaware there was a connection to the Glasgow apartment.

Another former resident of 39 Gibson Street has also recently come forward to report that someone staying at the apartment was thrown out of the bed in the middle of the night.

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