Hack Green Nuclear Bunker - Haunted History

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker, Nantwich

Nantwich, Cheshire

Hack Green was first used during the Second World War, its purpose was to confuse German bombers looking for the vital railway junction at Crewe. In the 1950s, the site became part of the ROTOR project and a reinforced concrete bunker was built and became known as RAF Hack Green. After being abandoned for some years, the Home Office took it over and converted the bunker to Regional Government Headquarters which remained in use until 1992.

The bunker is now a museum, and guests and staff have reported paranormal activity, including seeing the apparition of a young woman in the bunker's former telecommunications area. An aggressive male spirit is also said to haunt this area.

In the main corridor witnesses have seen a man dressed in period uniform, or have picked up on a general feeling of unease. Part of the bunker is now a theatre, and here guests have reported being touched and even pushed by an unseen force.

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker Features In

April 22, 2008Most Haunted: Hack Green Nuclear Bunker
June 26, 2007Most Haunted Midsummer Murders: Nantwich

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