15 Most Interesting Facts About The London Underground

April 28, 2013 6:13 PM ‐ UndergroundUrbEx

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Londoners might hate being stuck underground on a packed train on their commute to work but "the tube" is actually an amazing network, one of the oldest underground networks in the world and it moves millions of people day.

15. Deep-Level Shelters

London Underground

There were 8 deep-level shelters built under the London Underground during the Second World War.

14. Air Raid Shelters

London Underground

The London Underground was first used as public air raid shelters in September 1940.

13. The War Cabinet's Hiding Place

London Underground

During the war, some stations were converted into government offices, Down Street was used by the War Cabinet before the Cabinet War Rooms were built.

12. Most Connected Line

London Underground

The Jubilee Line is the only line to connect with all the other London Underground lines.

11. Baker Street Has The Most Platforms

London Underground

Baker Street has 10 platforms, more than any other station on the network.

10. Wartime Precautions

London Underground

During the war water-proof blast door were fitted underground at Embankment Station to stop the Underground flooding should water from the Thames find its way below ground due to damage from enemy bombing.

9. It's Not All Underground

London Underground

Around 55% of the London Underground is actually above the ground.

8. British Treasures Store

London Underground

During the Second World War, part of the Piccadilly line was used to store British Museum treasures.

7. The Longest Continuous Tunnel

London Underground

East Finchley to Morden via Bank is the longest continuous tunnel on the network at 17 miles.

6. The Longest Journey

London Underground

The longest possible single journey on one train is 34 miles between West Ruislip and Epping on the Central Line.

5. 64 Elevators

London Underground

There are 64 lifts serving the Underground, the deepest shaft at 55 meters is at Hampstead.

4. 69 Meters Down At Its Deepest

London Underground

The Jubilee line is the deepest on the entire network at 69 meters below ground level.

3. Miles Of Tunnels

London Underground

The network of underground tunnels extends to 249 miles.

2. Hundreds Of Stations

London Underground

There are 270 stations on the London Underground, only 29 of which are South of the River Thames.

1. Oldest Underground Metro Line

London Underground

The Metropolitan line is the oldest underground metro line in the world, it opened in 1863.


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