Are There Any Mediums Who Do Free Psychic Readings?

June 24, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalPsychic Readings
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If you've ever search for free psychic readings online then you may have realised that getting a reading for nothing is pretty hard to come by, and many have asked the question can you get free psychic readings at all?

Well, the short answer is no. Mediums provide a service and generally people charge for providing a service. Can you call out a plumber for free? Can you get your car washed for free? No.

Of course if you've got a friend who's a plumber you might be able to get them to do a bit of work for you as a favour, and the same is true of psychics.

Mediumship is a profession, albeit a questionable one, and all professional and full time mediums are in it for the money. They might tell you they do what they do to help people, that's also true of doctors and nurses, but we've all got bills to pay.

Having said that, a lot of psychics do offer free readings online. Either a full reading or a few free minutes. They may be doing this for a couple of reasons, either to boost their profile or to try to hook you in with a few free minutes before trying to sell you a full reading.

Historically mediumship has always been a money making scam. In the early days of Victorian séance, psychics frequently used trickery to fool their sitters into parting with their hard earned money and recommending their service to others. Mediums of this era were often caught using devices concealed inside tables to simulate knocking, often concealing their trickery by conducting sessions in darkened rooms and by candle light.

Even ectoplasm originates in Victorian séances, the mediums of the time claimed that ectoplasm was the substance that gave spirits a physical form. It allowed them to interact with the environment around them. It was often "formed" by medium while in a trance state, it would emerge from their mouths and other orifices.

The ectoplasm exuded from the medium's body would often take the shape of limbs, faces, and even the entire human-like form of a spirit.

You may be forgiven for not knowing about ectoplasm's role in séances. The ghostly substance has only appeared in movies in recent years. It's a long forgotten part of mediumship and regarded as part of the Victorian spiritual hoax.

Eventually the trickery was forgotten and new generations of more trustworthy mediums emerged. By this time mediums had evolved to ripping off clients using expensive and overpriced premium rate phone numbers to give their readings. A Victorian medium would have argued that these phone-based readings wouldn't work as a reading requires a psychic to establish a good connection with the customer.

This might have been possible over the phone when you can hear each other's voices, but today mediums actually offer online psychic readings via text chats, making it impossible to establish any connection, the psychic could be talking to anyone.

There are countless cases of psychics running away with their customer's life savings, or even convincing them that their money is cursed. Although these cases are rare, there are many outright scammers in the industry who give psychics a bad name. These are con artists who are lying through their teeth about having a skill.

But every industry has its cowboys and scammers, your just as likely to get ripped off by a plumber or a builder as a psychic. Not all psychics are con artists, it's only a small percentage who lie about their abilities to rip off the general public, most mediums believe they have a skill.

Another thing to be aware of with online psychic readings is that those which claim to be free ask you to sign up using your email address. After handing over your personal details, you'll pretty quickly realise why they wanted your data. Almost immediately you'll start getting spam, this is another common scam.

To combat these spammy, scammy, untrustworthy online psychic reading websites, I decided to build my own. My online psychic chat service doesn't require you to sign up, it doesn't ask for your email address or any other details, and it provides you with a realtime psychic reading at zero cost.

You can get your absolutely free psychic reading online here, without having to register with an email address. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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