Cursed Doll Tells Paranormal Investigator It Wants To Burn His Eyes Out

August 22, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Danny Moss With Grace The Doll - Tatton Old Hall

Watch the moment that paranormal investigator, Danny Moss, was shocked to hear a haunted doll eerily tell him that it wanted to burn his eyes out.

The moment that Grace the doll made the terrifying threat via a ghost hunting gadget was captured on video during an investigation at the haunted Tatton Old Hall in Cheshire. The hall itself is said to be alive with spiritual activity with many spirits, including one very negative entity.

Danny recently featured in the Pick TV series, 'Paranormal: Captured' and stars in his own show, 'The Haunted Hunts' which is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Grace is now part of the Haunted Hunts' haunted collection, which is housed at the hall and is believed to be haunted as the result of an attachment of a 17th century witch from Nantclwyd Y Dre in Denbighshire, North Wales.
Danny describes the Annabelle-like doll as one of the most haunted items in the UK and is seen in the video trying to encourage the doll to demonstrate its paranormal powers.

In the clip Danny taunts the doll with a crucifix while using a spirit box, a device that scans through radio frequencies and supposedly allows spirits to communicate by manipulating white noise.

Waving the cross in the doll's face, Danny says "what is it you want?" and a chilling voice is heard through the device which says "burn". Danny continues to interrogate the doll, asking "what do you want to burn?" Danny wasn't prepared for the words he heard next, which said "your eyes".
Grace The Doll - Tatton Old Hall

The team believe that the doll has such a strong spiritual attachment that it is now kept in a glass box. Since becoming a part of the haunted collection, Grace has been blamed for several paranormal occurrences including unexplained knocks and bangs. Danny says, "it is interesting as it is always three knocks."

The doll has also spoken several times before through the spirit box, but it always seems to be in the same sinister voice wherever the team take the doll.

Grace isn't the only allegedly haunted toy in the care of the Haunted Hunts team, they also have a demonic clown toy as part of their collection, known as "Bob the Clown Boy".

But it's not just cursed toys that causes the paranormal activity at Tatton Old Hall. Over the years visitors and staff have reported a strangling sensation, almost as if a rope was being gradually tightened around their neck.

People have also reported hearing loud knocking and footsteps throughout the house and poltergeist activity is said to be commonplace, especially in the old Victorian dining room.

Yvette Fielding, who has investigated the building a total of four times as part of the long-running television show 'Most Haunted', has said that "it's one of the most haunted locations I have ever investigated."

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