'The Paranormal Investigator' Kicks Off With Danny Moss' "Most Testing" Investigation Yet

April 27, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Danny Moss - The Paranormal Investigator
British paranormal researcher, Danny Moss, hopes that his new paranormal reality series will give fans of the paranormal a more rational and realistic idea of what ghost hunting is really about.

After ten years working on various paranormal television shows and cases across the UK, the brand-new online show, known simply as 'The Paranormal Investigator' dropped last week and opened with Danny paying a visit to his childhood home, the house where he first encountered ghostly goings-on and his obsession with the paranormal began.

In the first episode, Danny talks about his background and his mission to provide rational explanations for paranormal occurrences. He explains his commitment to using a scientific approach and his skepticism, which he feels has helped him to gain incredible results over the years.

When he was 17 years, old Danny witnessed an event that sparked his fascination with the paranormal. Now, as a self-proclaimed "skeptical investigator," he takes on a wide variety of cases with the aim of either debunking or validating reported paranormal occurrences.

We also hear from some of Danny's teammates from his other projects, including Harry Achilleos from 'My Haunted Hotel', and 'The Haunted Hunts' investigators Emma Dawe and Nick Anderson. They have all worked with Danny for several years, experiencing various paranormal investigations together.

The first investigation of this new chapter in Danny's journey of paranormal exploration begins after he receives a tip-off about a haunted location called Wilderhope Manor, a relatively unknown location with a history dating back to 1585. Danny's contact described the house as "the most terrifying place" they'd ever been to.

The Smallman family owned the house for over 200 years, and there have been multiple reports of paranormal activity, such as growling sounds and distant voices. His mission is to document his experiences on camera and attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity.

Danny arrived at the property alone, other than his camera operator, Alice Gridley, who has been with Danny for many of his biggest investigations of the past.

Upon arriving at the location, Danny set up static cameras around the location and took baseline readings using an advanced EMF detector, which Danny explains gives a "very accurate source for the levels of electromagnetic field within the location." Danny described his initial readings, which showed low and stable levels, as "quite normal for an area like this."

Danny, joined by Alice, began by conducting an audio sweep of the building, and as they reached the top floor, they started to feel a psychological impact on both of them, with the atmosphere becoming more eerie.

Danny set up several devices to detect paranormal activity around the location and experienced unexplained events, such as the light in the corridor going off without explanation, a sudden drop in temperature, and a static electricity spike.

Danny and Alice were left feeling uneasy after hearing what they thought sounded like a woman's voice in the property with them, despite the fact this was impossible due to it being locked down. Unfortunately, the sound wasn't captured on camera. After this, which Danny described as a "major paranormal moment," the pair collected their thoughts outside the manor as they struggled to remain rational and calm, feeling increasingly unsafe and anxious.

Danny continued by conducting a session with a custom-made device called a ParaCast. Using this device, which spews out white noise and other frequencies, Danny tried to communicate with any spirits in the house. He heard growling sounds throughout the session, which only heightened his and Alice's anxiety.

Undeterred, Danny conducted an isolation experiment in the basement, where he told us, "this is one of the most testing investigations I've done in recent years, simply for the fact that it's psychologically playing a significant part in my anxiety levels and definitely Alice's as well."

Moments later, the unnerving environment once again took its toll on Danny, forcing him to abandon the experiment and leave the cellar after hearing unexplained noises. Danny admits, "in most circumstances, the smart thing to do is remain calm and document the activity, but the psychological impact this place is having on both Alice and me is unlike anything I've ever experienced."
Danny Moss - The Paranormal Investigator

As the investigation approached midnight, the property fell quiet, giving Danny and Alice the chance to calm down a little. After a couple of hours with no activity, the investigators decided to call it a night and retire to a bunk bed in a bedroom on the middle floor.

Just 20 minutes after falling asleep, they were awoken by the sound of a baby crying on the same floor. Unable to handle any more, they left Wilderhope Manor at 4:17 AM, cutting their 24-hour investigation short. The psychological impact and unexplained activity in the manor deeply affected them, and they left feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.

Throughout the investigation, both Alice and Danny felt like they were being watched and followed. They tried to debunk the noises they heard but could not find a logical explanation for them.

Although at times fear got the better of Danny, throughout the investigation, he remained focused on providing rational explanations for the phenomena he encountered. His methods were solid and robust, proving that a paranormal series can be entertaining without being overdramatised. Danny's approach was much more grounded and systematic compared to some paranormal reality shows that may rely on sensationalism and dramatic reactions.

The first episode of 'The Paranormal Investigator' is available to watch now on a pay-per-view basis. No subscription is required, simply head over to the show's web page and pay the very reasonable ยฃ1 to watch on demand on any streaming device, including smart TV, tablet, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, ROKU, and many other popular devices.

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