Big Changes Ahead For 'The Haunted Hunts' As Show Re-Launches On Amazon Prime

August 11, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead - 'Mill Street Barracks'
Danny Moss and his team have announced some big changes for their popular paranormal series, 'The Haunted Hunts', when it returns with a new season to Amazon Prime.

There's not yet a date for the premiere of the new series, but we know the new episodes will follow Danny, along with Becki Salisbury-Moss and Emma Dawe, plus new team members Alice Grindley and Nick Anderson.

Since 2019, 'The Haunted Hunts' has notched up more than 30 episodes across five seasons and several specials, all of which were shot at some of the UK's most infamous paranormal hotspots. The show has gone on to become one of the UK's most popular ghost hunting series.

Posting about the news on Facebook, Danny wrote, "the team and I have decided to sign a brand new contract with Amazon Prime which will see 'The Haunted Hunts' re-commissioned as a brand new show." He said he "could not be more happy about this decision and to share it with those who were key to making the first show - Beck, Emma, Nick and Alice, who have all been with us from the end of 2018 when we created the idea."

Although Nick and Alice are new to the series, fans will be familiar with the investigators as they featured prominently in the show's most recent season, 'Cemeteries Of The Dead'.

Danny explained, "during season five of the original show, the five of us spent a lot of time together and shared some memorable moments, I knew then that this was right and it is an absolute pleasure to share this new journey with these complete professionals who know exactly what is required to make this show a success."

Having signed a brand new contract with Amazon Prime, 'The Haunted Hunts' will be relaunched as a fresh new show, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The rebirth of the show means that as of November the old five seasons will leave Amazon Prime, but many episodes will still be available on The Haunted Hunts XTRA, the show's official Patreon stream.

Danny added, "over the last five years, like any true paranormal investigator, we have found our way of working and it has provided us with some of the most compelling evidence of my career. I cannot wait for our fans to share this new journey with us and would like to thank you all on behalf of the team and for your unwavering and loyal support."

The paranormal investigator, who has also appeared in Pick's 'Paranormal: Captured', ended the announcement with a promise, "we will not let you down! We are more driven than ever to provide you with honest and thorough investigations and we hope to capture more evidence for you all."

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