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February 08, 2016 10:00 PM ‐ ParanormalGhost Hunting

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I can't remember the last time I was this excited about receiving a parcel through the post but finally GhostArk, the all-in-one ghost hunting device is here.

So finally I get my hands on a GhostArk and my initial opinion is pretty positive. It feels good, it's a good size, a good weight and it looks cool.

The knobs on the device are the weak spot, they unnecessarily spin and click in to positions with no corresponding actions. The rest of the buttons are pretty solid.

Along with the device itself, in my box was an external speaker making up for the lack of an internal speaker which the device was originally billed to have. Some customers were expecting to receive JBL speakers with the device as shown in one of GhostArk's demonstration videos but the speaker included is a cheaper speaker charged via a USB cable, I haven't yet tested the speaker out.

The box also includes an audio cable to attached the speaker, some pretty standard in-ear headphone and two SD cards. 8GB was already inserted into the audio storage slot and an additional 16GB was included in the box as the data capture card.

GhostArk shipped out the antenna for use with the "ghost box" feature which was originally only supposed to be included in the more expensive "hunter's pack."

One thing to note is that the only charging option is a 12v adapter but this is a European connection. I'd already anticipated this and had an adapter on-hand, I'd recommend you do the same if you're eager to use your device the moment you get it.

There is however a couple of things missing from the box. Mainly the instructions. There was a badly printed piece of paper with some very basic directions but nothing really very useful. At the bottom of the sheet it does say that a full electronic instruction manual will be shared with customers via email soon.

There other thing which is missing is access to the online data analysis tool, which I'm sure will also follow soon.

I haven't yet tested the device as it has no juice in it, so it's currently on charge and I'll be posting some more demonstration videos as soon as I can.

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