How An African Witchdoctor Helped Me Become A Real Man

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Witchdoctor Body Paint
Someone called Steve Mary from the United State of Florida left a comment on my website saying that his lover had left him three years ago and that he approached a Nigerian spell caster called Doctor Abaka who was able to bring him back in time for Christmas.

Here's what Steve's comment said...

I am Steven Mary from United State Florida, am so sorry if this is coming late and if you people might have fallen into the wrong hands of scams, because same thing happened to me after my lover left me for three years. I tried everything humanity possible to get him back but it never worked out so I decided to give up the very day I made up my mind to give up I was in a saloon reading a magazine when I saw a testimony from a lady in Texas thanking this great man called Doctor Abaka, how he helped her to bring back her lover I was like for this lady to write this on a magazine meaning this Doctor Abaka is real so I got down is contacted and I called him for help and explained everything to him which then he gave me word of encouragement and I proceeded with him he told me that I will celebrate Christmas and enter the new year with my lover which then I must confess to you all that it really happened I celebrated the Christmas with my love Steven and also enter 2018 with him am just so happy for what this great man has done for me friends clean your tears today and I am proud to tell you that Doctor Abaka will clean your sorrow here his Doctor Abaka contact and you can call him on +2349063230051.

So, I thought I would contact this magical doctor and see if he could help me with a problem I've been suffering with for my whole life. Here's how the conversation went...

Higgypop: Hello Dr Abaka, I saw your comment on a website I visit and wondered if you could help... but it's a bit embarrassing.

Dr. Abaka: Hello, how are you

Higgypop: I'm OK thank you, doctor. My problem is that my two veg are fine, but my meat is somewhat lacking in the portion-size department. I'm short of a full quarter pounder if you know what I mean.

Dr. Abaka: I saw your message and the content was well understood.

Higgypop: I was hoping you might be able to perform some sort of ritual to make it bigger.

Dr. Abaka: I'm assuring you that there is a powerful spell oil which I will prepare for you it has no side effect it will only make your penis bigger as you wise, and once you get the oil all your wises will come through and be able to satisfy a woman which will make every women to run after you the spell oil is not reversible okay! I'm going to prepare it and send it to you in your country and you will receive the oil after sending it okay as soon i get the items needed to prepare the oil spell okay.

Higgypop: Thank you doctor, that sounds excellent!

Dr. Abaka: Send me the following information about you:
Your photo:
Your full name:
Phone Number:
Your address:
Your desires size you wise to have:

I await your response, so that i will tell you how you will get the oil and the cost okay!

Higgypop: Thank you, doctor. I've attached the photo of the "problem," here's everything else you asked for, I hope this is OK. My desired size, I don't know... I don't want to be greedy or big too big, so anything over three inches would be fine.
Your full name: Stephen Elizabeth Higgins
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain & Wales
Phone number: You have it
Your address: 33 Clapham High St, London SW4 7TP
Dr. Abaka
Photo: © Soler2

Warning: You probably don't want to click on the photo source for that image.

Dr. Abaka: I got your information and you are welcome to my temple once again, and here is a place where you will have solution to your problem, you have make the right choice of contacting me because there is no problem that is been brought to my temple that cant be solved as i believe in my work and my work always speak for me

Higgypop: Cool!

Dr. Abaka: I have done some consultation of the spell and my gods has reveal to me how your problem is going to be solve OK, my gods has require for some specific items that is needed to prepare the spell oil that will help you enlarge your manhood and this items is going to cost you (472) pounds

Higgypop: Wow, expensive voodoo!

Dr. Abaka: Note, that I do not beg or false people to send me money to do their work, rather I will allow them to do according to there heart desire. I have been doing this work for the past 38 years now, and inherited this work from my great grand father, and this work has been past from generation to generation, as I believe in my work so also my work speaks for me because what is behind my spell is very powerful

Higgypop: That is very honest of you, thank you for being so open.

Dr. Abaka: If you are able to send this, i will have to send my temple messenger to go and get me the items from the items sellers from the market then i will carry out your spell preparation OK, and it will be delivered to your address through UPS speed post office once you receive the oil and make use as instructed your heart desire will be granted to you is that OK 

Higgypop: Do you think three inches will be big enough?

Dr. Abaka: That depends on your choice. How many inches do you want?

Higgypop: I'm not sure, what size are you?

Dr. Abaka: I think probably 5 or 6

Higgypop: OK, five inches will be good.

Dr. Abaka: If you are ready to continue let me know so that i can send you the information of my temple messenger to send the money to buy the require items needed to prepare the oil spell OK

Higgypop: OK, let's do it! I can't wait to show all my friends!

Dr. Abaka: I have already said you how much it will cost to get the item's I need to use and prepare the oil which will make it 5 inches as you wise. Once you get the herbal oil you will use it to rub your penis everyday after having your bath OK, and you 13 days your manhood will be 5 inches big which is 100% grantee that is going to work

Higgypop: Rub it on my penis? If you can call it a penis! Haha, it's more like a stump!

Dr. Abaka: You will use it to rub, I am showing you the herbal oil which I will prepare for you also

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Dr. Abaka Western Union

Higgypop: Ummmm surely you shouldn't be revealing the personal details of your clients. I thought you guaranteed privacy and discretion?

Dr. Abaka: Yes am showing you because i help them too

Higgypop: I'm sure you did, but you've also now revealed that Alan Datulier has a small penis. I don't want you sharing my details like this to your other clients. This is very unprofessional and unethical.

Dr. Abaka: You don't have to worry about it what ever I do is between us

Higgypop: Hmmm, I'm not sure Alan Datulier would like you sharing his details.

Dr. Abaka: That's how I work OK

Higgypop: Then, no thank you. I am not interested in your services. I don't want my name and problem shared with others.

Dr. Abaka: They share it because they received a satisfy result from my home. Let me ask you a question my child if you didn't see some one who testify how I help them solved there problem will you have get my contact and seek for help?

Higgypop: Yeah, your website looked professional and you had people's feedback and testimonials on there. I just don't think you should be sharing people's full names, addresses and personal problems without their permission.

Dr. Abaka: I don't share my client personal details to anyone whose so every I help always share my good works in there lives

Higgypop: OK, believe you a bit.

Dr. Abaka: My son don't think am not educated ok I have been helping people with my spell and herbs for the pass 38 years and know one has ever come to my home without a solution to his or her problems If you want me to help you let me know okay. I work with trust and faith to enable a positive result.

Higgypop: Huh? Educated? I didn't say anything about your level of education or your abilities. I believe you are capable of what you say, I just didn't like that you shared that person's private personal details and name, that's a breach of trust.

Dr. Abaka: You have to trust me

Higgypop: I said, I do. If you promise not to share my details it's OK.

Dr. Abaka: I will not share your details to anyone all I want is for you to be happy as a man

Higgypop: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Take That!

Dr. Abaka: I promise

Higgypop: Great, because all I do each night is pray. All I do each night is think, of all the times I've closed the door to keep my love within.

Dr. Abaka: Don't worry your details are safe with me and I assure you that with the herbal spell oil which I will prepare and send to you will enlarge your manhood to 5 inches

Higgypop: Perfect! Surely we must be in sight of the dream we long to live?

Dr. Abaka: Your heart desire will be granted but before I start with your I need to know if you are ready to make your dreams come through

Higgypop: If you can't forgive the past, I'll understand that, can't understand why I did this to you. But yeah, happy to continue if that's OK, doctor. Just tell me the song and I'll sing it, you'll be right and understood.

Dr. Abaka: I understand it's ok, I will help you and make your wise come to pass and you will get 5 inches big as you want ok

Higgypop: That's almost five inches MORE!

Dr. Abaka: If I get this money I can arrange the item's and prepare the oil to make sure your manhood is big and it will take 13 days to see the changes

Higgypop: It's a little bit more than I was expecting it to be actually. I can't really afford that much at the moment.

Dr. Abaka: My child you need to talk to me how you can get this oil

Higgypop: Well, help me escape this feeling of insecurity. I need you so much but I don't really think you need me. The thing is, you got to be strong enough to walk on through the night, there's a new day on the other side, got to have hope in your soul.

Dr. Abaka: That's why am here to help people with there problem because I take your problems to be mine then put a smile on your face

Higgypop: Stop being so hard on yourself, it's not good for your health.

Dr. Abaka: How much do you have now so I can call the item's seller to keep the materials for me

Higgypop: Well, all I can really afford at the moment is about ยฃ5, I don't have a job at the moment, I'm waiting for some money to come through, but right now I have nothing.

Dr. Abaka: Ok

Higgypop: So the little bit of money I do have, I have to keep to spend on bread, milk, onions, soap, soup, soep. Tonight this could be the greatest night of our lives, Let's make a new start, the future is ours to find.

Dr. Abaka: Try and get money so I can help you.

Higgypop: Just have a little patience, I'm still hurting from a love I lost. I'm feeling your frustration, any minute all the pain will stop. I really wanna start over again, I know you wanna be my salvation, the one that I can always depend.

Dr. Abaka: I needed those materials to prepare the spell oil

Higgypop: I'll try to be strong, believe me I'm trying to move on. It's complicated but understand me.

Dr. Abaka: I understand you

Higgypop: Is there any way you can reduce the price at all?

Dr. Abaka: How much can you get now so I can know how to help you

Higgypop: Well, right now only the five British pounds, it might take me a few weeks to get more. Just hold me close inside your arms tonight, don't be too hard on my emotions.

Dr. Abaka: Try and get 350 pounds I will complete the other to get the items when you get the oil then you can pay the other balance

Higgypop: I'll do my best, I'll phone a friend, she has laughed it my little dinkle before, she might lend me the money out of pity.


Higgypop: My friend says she can lend me ยฃ300, will that be enough?

Dr. Abaka: Ok that will be good if you send 300 I can be able to get the items from the seller and begin with the your work immediately. How long will it take you to have the money?

Higgypop: I can get it today. How do I pay? Is there a payment form on your website or something?

Dr. Abaka: You are to use Western Union or money gram to send the money which I will give you the information to you

Higgypop: Western Union or Money Gram? Aren't those the service that scammers use?!? Don't you have PayPal or a form on your website. Western Union or Money Gram makes you seem very unprofessional.

Dr. Abaka: My child if you need my help I will know

Higgypop: But only scammers use Western Union. EVERYONE knows that!

Dr. Abaka: Western Union is what I use to receive money from people to do there work

Higgypop: Really? Why don't you put a proper payment form on your website TripplePay or Milk Finance.

Dr. Abaka: Use western union or money gram

Higgypop: But that makes you looks like you're a scammer yourself, I'm sure you don't want people thinking that. No one here uses Western Union or Money Gram, it's just for fraud. EVERYONE knows that.

Dr. Abaka: You can pay to bank account it will still be better

Higgypop: OK, that sounds more normal.

Dr. Abaka: You need help to enlarge your manhood with my herbs oil

Higgypop: OK, well if I can get the bank details then, I'll get my friend to send the money straight to you

Dr. Abaka: So if you want to get the oil then we proceed, I will have to call my son. His dose not stay with me here in my home it miles away from my temple.

Higgypop: I don't care.

Dr. Abaka: The easy way I receive money to work is western Union office or money gram so that will be easy and fine by me if you have in your country

Higgypop: But that's what scammers use! No one trusts Western Union here.

Dr. Abaka: Am not fake what I do here is grantee and trusted

Higgypop: Oh heavens to murgatroyd, Batman! The last thing I'd do is call you fake, it's just a bit weird you would use Western Union. You should switch to a trusted payment method like PayPet or KashKollector.

Dr. Abaka: I will know more about that now the you told me my son. Once I receive your payment I will prepare the oil and send to you

Higgypop: Sure thing, just send me those bank deets brother!

Dr. Abaka: Before I start my work there must be trust and faith in it to enable a positive result. I am a traditional herbalist My herbs cure do not recognise long distance, i have worked on clients from different parts of the world from different professionals including medical doctors, lawyers, academic professors and among others. Even those who felt like it wont be possible received satisfactory results I will take the time to explain things to you, and provide you with honest advice, to what is best for your situation. I do not pressure anyone to apply my herbs; I always leave that decision up to you. I provide you with honest information, and when or if you decide to move forward, I am here to help. Thank you for taking the time to read, I look forward to your happiness and may the gods and goddess provide you all your desires.

Dr Abaka

Higgypop: What's that?

Dr. Abaka: When you need the herbal oil to enlarge your manhood let me know I have works to do

Higgypop: Well yeah, I know that. We've been talking about that for hours. Please could I get the bank details to send the money? My friend, Lulu says she'll send ASAP possible.

Dr. Abaka: My son bank account details
Account name: Kelvin Ojo
Account number: 6239954508
Swift code is:  FIDTNGLA
Bank name: Fidelity Bank PLC

Higgypop: Perfect, thank you. I should be able to make that payment online on the internet systems.

Dr. Abaka: OK when you are done let me know

Higgypop: Thank you, doctor - thoctor. We need to be quick, my penis is almost inverted today!

Dr. Abaka: Once you are done sending let me know immediately

Higgypop: Yes, ma'am.

Dr. Abaka: OK

Higgypop: OK, that has been sent to your financial world

Dr. Abaka: You mean?

Higgypop: No, I'm friendly. You have the cash prizes monies?

Dr. Abaka: What do you mean?

Higgypop: The monies I sent you.

Dr. Abaka: Have you sent the money already?

Higgypop: Yes, here is a screen grab from the bank....
Bank Contact Form

Dr. Abaka: Haaaaa do you think am stupid fool

Higgypop: Well.... yeah, actually.

Dr. Abaka: Idiot you will run mad as long as I live

Higgypop: OK, bye. Nice chatting with you x

A few days later Dr. Abaka emailed me with a some screen shots of a website he's made to expose and shame me, it features my fake name and fake address. I don't think he's actually put it live.
Dr. Abaka Website


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