How To Get A Real Illuminati Magic Ring

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Haunted Illuminati Millionaire's Ring
Do you fancy getting a finger ring from an actual member of the Illuminati? Well today is your luckily day, I was recently contacted by an agent who could give me one, and I'm going to share how it went with you.

This all started when a mysterious man called Jack Jefferson left a comment on one of my previous posts about the Illuminati. The badly written comment said:

Hello, I am Jack Jefferson by name, am a member of the great Illuminati brotherhood, Do you want to join the Illuminati and become rich and influential in life…Money is not an issue with us, join us today and kick out your financial problems with a monthly salary of $500,000. Your Finacial welfare is our aim. With us you financially free and stable contact the grandmaster on whatsApp :the head office with +17542127686. Immediately Mr Jack

So, I sent "Mr Jack" a message on WhatsApp, below is our full conversation which was spread out over almost 48 hours, wasting plenty of his time.
Higgypop: Hello, Mr Jack. I saw your comment on my post about the Illuminate LTD and hoped you might be able to help me to join please.

Mr Jack: Okay am going to help you out only if you are interested to do the necessary things

Higgypop: Well, I think I would like that, obviously it depends what the necessary things are.


Welcome to The illuminati World 🔺
Bringing the poor, the needy and the talented to limelight of fame and riches. Get money, fame, powers, security, get recognized in your business, political race, rise to the top in whatever you do, be protected spiritually and physically!

All these you will achieve in a twinkle of an eye when you get initiated

Higgypop: Oh, I thought the Illuminati were famous for human sacrifice. What about all the celebrities you kill? Like Michael Jackson, Prince, Frank Sidebottom, Neil Buchanan, Cilla Black, The Krankies, John Lennon, JFK, KFC etc?

Mr Jack: We don't kill anyone here ok

Higgypop: What? Everyone knows you do! It's OK, I don't mind.

Mr Jack: Are you not interested anymore?

Higgypop: Yeah, I'm saying it's OK if you kill celebrities. I don't mind that. I'm a big fan of your murdering ways.

Mr Jack: We don't use human sacrifice here OK you need to trust me

Higgypop: I don't understand. Are you sure you're from the Illuminati? EVERYONE know the Illuminati get their control and power by murdering those that stand in their way.

Mr Jack: I am not like that ok

Higgypop: Oh well, don't worry then. I was obviously lied to before. I thought that's what the Illuminati was all about. My main reason for joining was to help sacrifice celebrities.

Mr Jack: ok

Higgypop: Sorry, someone must have lied. Good luck, bye.

Mr Jack: Are you not interested anymore brother you need to trust me OK nothing we happen to you

Higgypop: I want to join to help sacrifice celebrities but you say you don't do that.

Mr Jack: You can choose to be rich not famous ok

Higgypop: I don't care about fame and money. I want power. I already have money and riches after my father's accident... it was Noel Edmond's fault and I want revenge.

Mr Jack: am going to help you out so that you can help the sacrifice celebrities ok

Higgypop: Really? Why did you lie before? You said you didn't do that?!? I'm confused.

Mr Jack: I think you was playing with me that's why

Higgypop: Oh heck, no! I would never play with a member of the Illuminati.

Mr Jack: you said you want to stop is right don't worry I'm going to give you the power to stop it and you need to be serious about this ok don't take everything as joke

Higgypop: I'm not joking... you're confusing me! If you kill celebrities, I will join. If you don't kill celebrities, I'm not interested in joining. Clear?

Mr Jack: why do you want the celebrities dead?

Higgypop: I said, because of my father's accident. I want revenge. My father was killed by a huge falling fiberglass volcano on a mock tiki island set as part of a television prank. We got compensation, a lot of compensation, but that's not good enough. Edmonds needs to pay!

Mr Jack: I'm going to help you to revenge your father dead on one condition don't let anyone know about this ok

Higgypop: OK, thank you very much! I am willing to do whatever it takes, even sexual favours.

Mr Jack: Alright, that's good

Higgypop: Thanks!

Mr Jack: Alright. You need to fill a form right away ok

Higgypop: Yes, ma'am

Mr Jack: OK good

*MOBILE NUMBER..........

We want you to send the info here 👇 👇 so we can start your membership registration

Higgypop: Will I need to send you a photo of my penis like when I joined the Freemason? I don't mind but I'm a little embarrassed of its size.

Mr Jack: No you don't You need to fill the form right away ok

Higgypop: OK, great. I am doing that right now

Mr Jack: Alright. Just fill the form and send it to me ok

Higgypop: Yes, I am doing that right now

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Here you go ma'am...
*NAME: Stephen Elizabeth Higginson
*AGE: 32
*STATE: Happy
*COUNTRY: United Kingdom of Great Britain & Wales
*STATE: Still happy
*2PHOTO: Will send separately 
*MOBILE NUMBER: You have it

Mr Jack: OK good

Higgypop: Thank you, I'm glad you like it, my love.

Higgypop: Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't send the photos you asked for! Shall I send them now?

Mr Jack: Alright
Tony Slattery

Mr Jack: OK

Mr Jack: you are going to be given a magic ring

Higgypop: A fingering?

Mr Jack: With the magic ring you can revenge your fathers dead

Higgypop: Yes, a finger ring?

Mr Jack: Yes. For you to get the ring you need to pay for a fee

Higgypop: OK, like a donation to the brotherhood?

Mr Jack: because without you paying for that you can't get your magic rings

Higgypop: That's fine. I wouldn't expect anything for free.

Mr Jack: The magic ring we are giving you represent power and to kill. You are going to pay for the magic ring before we can send it to you ok

Higgypop: Yes, you said.

Mr Jack: i don't get you

Higgypop: You already said I have to pay for it, several times. I was saying I understand.

Mr Jack: Am going to help you out with some money for the ring you are going to pay the remaining yourself

Higgypop: It's OK, you don't have to help out, really. I don't expect anything for free. How much will it cost please?

Mr Jack: it will cost you 100 pounds. Can you afford the money?

Higgypop: Yeah, that is cheap! Look, this one on eBay is much more expensive.

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Illuminati Magic Ring

Mr Jack: Ok. You are going to pay the money through money gram transfer

Higgypop: OK, Money Gram. That's fine. So, to be clear, that's £100 GBP?

Mr Jack: yes

Higgypop: Noel Edmonds has no idea what's coming to him! OK, do I need an account number or something?

Mr Jack: you are expected to go to bank or store tell them that you want to make payment through moneygram

Higgypop: Yeah, I understand

Mr Jack: Am going to send you the money gram transfer details that you are going to use to make the payment ok

Higgypop: OK. Will it hurt?

Mr Jack: no

Higgypop: Is it possible for me to get two of the rings please? One for my brother too? He really hates Anne Robinson.

Mr Jack: OK you are going to pay for the two which is 200 pounds. ok

Higgypop: OK, perfection

Mr Jack: What do you mean by that?

Higgypop: You don't understand that?!? Where are you from?

Mr Jack: I understand it ok

Higgypop: I should think so! Only a dumb bum wouldn't understand that, LOL!

Mr Jack: Am going to send you the money gram transfer details right now ok

Higgypop: Hit me with it

Receiver Country: NIGERIA
Amount: 100 pounds 
Text question: for
Text answer: benefit 

After making the payment
Send me these details below
Sender's name:
Sender's country:
Capture the slip and send me the photos
Send me the number MTCN and it's the reference number

Higgypop: Where it says "send me these details below" all the details are empty.

Mr Jack: After making the payment you are the one that is going to send me the your name and your country that is what it means

Higgypop: You already know my name and country

Mr Jack: You are going to send me the name you use to make the payment ok

Higgypop: That will be my name and you already have that and my country.

Mr Jack: OK. So when are you making the payment?

Higgypop: Well I obviously can't do it tonight, no where will be open

Mr Jack: OK. So when will you do it

Higgypop: Is there a chance someone like Dermot Murnaghan or Paul O'Grady might find out what I'm planning and try to stop me?

Mr Jack: No they can't ok

Higgypop: OK thanks. I know Paul O'Grady in particular can be quite a problem

Mr Jack: What is the time there

Higgypop: It is 6:27pm o'clock according to my Casio DX Sports watch that Trevor McDonald gave me.

Mr Jack: OK so you are going to make the payment by tomorrow right?

Higgypop: Not by tomorrow. I'll make the payment tomorrow.

Mr Jack: OK good. By what time?

Higgypop: I'll do it first thing when the banks open at 9am o'clock

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Is it OK if I tell Clive Anderson? He's going to be helping me.

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Thanks, I'll give him a call. I'm sure he'll be very helpful.

Mr Jack: Once you make the payment tomorrow just let me no ok

Higgypop: you mean "know?"

Mr Jack: So that we can confirm your payment

Higgypop: Yeah, it's "let me know" not "let me no"

Mr Jack: Yes

Higgypop: I thought Illuminati was supposed to mean 'the enlightened' - you don't seem very enlightened but my speilling, and, gramer is excelloid so I'll will be a worthy addition to the brotherhoode.

Mr Jack: that is good

Mr Jack: I'm going to chat with you tomorrow by 9am o'clock OK make sure you make the payment ok

Higgypop: Not by 9am, AT 9am. The bank doesn't open until 9am.

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Enlightened? LOL!

Mr Jack: Good night brother

The next morning at exactly two minutes past nine o'clock, Mr Jack got back in touch...

Mr Jack: How was your night brother?

Higgypop: Good thank you my lord, I had Pam St. Clement and Clive Woodward over for a cheese and wine night. How about you?

Mr Jack: I hope you have not forgot that you are making the payment today?

Higgypop: Of course not, I want that ring

Mr Jack: OK. The time is 9am

Higgypop: Sure is, the bank opens now. So I'll get ready and stroll down.

Mr Jack: So are you going now?

Higgypop: In a bit, yeah. I'm not quite ready yet.

Mr Jack: I hope you brother is fan?

Higgypop: Fan?

Mr Jack: Ok

Higgypop: What do you mean? You hope my brother is fan?

Mr Jack: What is the matter brother

Higgypop: I don't understand what you said, "I hope you brother is fan?" - what does this mean?

Mr Jack: I said if your brother is ok

Higgypop: No you didn't

Higgypop: You said fan??? FAN?

Mr Jack: OK it was a mistake

Higgypop: So you meant to type "OK" but it came out as "FAN" hahaha, idiot!

Mr Jack: What about your mom

Higgypop: She is FAN, AHAHAHAHAH!

Mr Jack: is this a joke

Higgypop: Yeah.

Mr Jack: Just go and make the payment so that your ring will be sent to you ok

Higgypop: Oooooh, someone's grump this morning! I'm just eating my breakfast.

Mr Jack: Once you make the payment just let me no ok

Higgypop: no? Let you no?

Mr Jack: Know

Higgypop: Ahhhh, OK. Yeah, sure will.

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: I'll head down to the bank soon, I'm sure everything will be FAN.

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: That was a joke again... I don't think you got it. You don't have much of a sense of humour do you Mr Jack?

Mr Jack: Once you are done let me know ok

Higgypop: You said that already

Mr Jack: okay

I then went back to sleep for another half an hour.

Mr Jack: Have you make the payment?

Higgypop: No, i fell back to sleep, I had a late night. Pam kept me up all night doing her cheese impression. You should see her brie, hilarious! There's no rush though, I'll sort the payment in a bit.

Mr Jack: Your ring is ready right away ok

Higgypop: Why the rush?

Mr Jack: Nothing

Higgypop: Can you send me a photo of the rings please? I'll get up and go now. Sorry, I wasn't expecting such a late night last night.

Mr Jack: OK
Haunted Illuminati Millionaire's Ring

Higgypop: Where's the other?

Mr Jack: That is the  magic ring this is your own ok

Higgypop: But I'd like to see a photo you took of them together so I know they are ready like you said. That photo of is just off of the internet.

Mr Jack: The other are in Nigeria

Higgypop: OK, get whoever has them to take a photo, I will pay extra for your time.

Mr Jack: You are the only person who  will have given this ring

Higgypop: Well no, anyone can buy them online, see.

Mr Jack: the power grid is on that ring

Higgypop: Cool, sounds magical. I'd still like a photo of the two you have ready for me together before I send the money, thanks.

Mr Jack: Are you making the payment or not?

Higgypop: Yeah, of course. I'd just like to see the rings first.

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Thanks

Mr Jack: Am waiting ok

Higgypop: OK

Mr Jack: brother we are not joking here ok you need to take everything serious

Higgypop: I am serious, that's why I am obtaining all the details I need to make a serious and informed purchase. Ask Jeremy Paxman, he'll tell you, I'm alway serious.

Mr Jack: as soon as you make the payment this thing is going to work out and you're the one that's going to enjoy it

Higgypop: I'm not paying until I see what I am buying. You might not even have the rings.

Mr Jack: I have it brother if you are not interested let me know you said that you are going to make the payment yesterday right

Higgypop: Not IT.... THEM! I want two. This is why I need proof you have two for me. I just wanted to see the rings I'm buying, I still want to buy them from you, if you can't do that then I'm not sending the money.

Mr Jack: If you are not interested you can go OK

Higgypop: I am VERY interested. If you can still help me that would be great.

Mr Jack: If you don't want to make the payment then forget about everything ok


Mr Jack: Go and look for another person ok

Higgypop: I have the money ready, I even offered to pay you MORE if you can sort this out today. Would it help if I got Bill Oddie to phone you? He can vouch for me.

Mr Jack: Do you think you are playing here

Higgypop: I don't know, you are wasting my time a bit. I have told you I want to buy, I was going to pay you this morning. Unless you are ready to help me out then I am not interested. If you can sell me the rings, then great, I will send you the money.

Mr Jack: Go and make the payment first ok

Higgypop: Look, I'm good friends with Nick Ross from 'Watchdog' and he says I shouldn't pay you anything until you send me a photo of the rings, and he should know!

Mr Jack: After making the payment am going to send you the ring

Higgypop: It's a simple request. I am buying something, I want to see it before I buy it. Why can't you send a photo? Either you want my money or you don't.

Mr Jack: I don't need your money OK

Higgypop: OK, I'm sorry we couldn't work this out. Best of luck in future. Bye.

Mr Jack: What am i using your money for

Higgypop: Sorry? I don't know how my money will be used, I assume it will go back into the brotherhood. Perhaps help with the upkeep of temples, or buy more books for the sacred library.

Mr Jack: boy are you playing with the brotherhood

Higgypop: What are you talking about?!? I'm trying to buy two rings. Why won't you sell them to me???

Mr Jack: mind the way you speak boy

Higgypop: Don't call me boy, idiot. I'm a wealthy and respected business man, you will talk to me as such. Now, are you going to sell me these rings?

Higgypop: Answer me, cow!

Mr Jack: Have you make the payment of one

Higgypop: I told you, I will make the payment when you send me a photo of them so I know they are in your possession. Would you buy something without seeing it first?

Mr Jack: The great brotherhood Illuminati kingdom is not fool boy

Higgypop: Well you are a fool. I'm offering you money and you won't take it. Idiot. Stop messing around with me, this is not a joke!

Mr Jack: your money don't have any value in my body boy

Higgypop: How much do I need to pay you to get these rings?

Mr Jack: stop talking to me anyhow ok we are not age mate boy

I thought it might help if I sent a screen grab of my bank balance...
Bank Balance

Mr Jack: why are you showing me this

Higgypop: To show you that money is no object to me. I will pay you whatever you need to get those rings.

Mr Jack: this money is not of my business is your money not my

Higgypop: It could be yours, just send me the rings

Mr Jack: I if you want to get the rings go and make the payment so that all this will stop without that then look for another person

Higgypop: I want to see a photo of them first. If you can't do that, then I'm sorry, I can't buy from you.

Mr Jack: I wanted to take you as my son but you disappoint me

Higgypop: So, I can call you mum? Well I'm very sorry that I have disappointed you. I only wanted to see a photo of the rings, if we can't move past that then we will have to part ways. Best of luck in the future. Have a good day, sir.

Mr Jack then realised that this wasn't going to go any further if he didn't send me the photos of the two rings he'd promised me. Unbelievably, he sent me the same photo of the ring that he had sent previously and a photo of another ring, as if this proved there was two of them. To make this even more ridiculous, the second photo had a watermark on it showing that it was taken from the website 9gag.

Mr Jack: That is the rings oi

Higgypop: HAHAHA! That photo is form 9gag! I'm sorry, it seems you are unable to help. Good bye my love.

Mr Jack: Good bye

Higgypop: Thanks for your time. Once again, I'm sorry we couldn't work things out. Take care.

Mr Jack: Alright bye

Higgypop: Bye

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Thanks

Mr Jack: Ok

Higgypop: Good luck with all your future projects.

Mr Jack: Alright

Higgypop: Why do you keep saying that? Can I help you with something?

Mr Jack: Why are you still chatting

Higgypop: Every time I say bye you say "alright."

Mr Jack: Stop chatting with me

Higgypop: OK, ma'am. Thank for your help and good luck in future. Bye.

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