Are The Illuminati Real? - The ParaPod Series 3, Episode 2 Review

January 25, 2017 7:03 AM ‐ The ParaPod

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In the second episode of 'The ParaPod: Conspiracies' Barry and Ian ponder the existence of one of the most infamous secret societies in the world, The Illuminati.

The Illuminati
"Nobody's quite sure how you join The Illuminati, it's a bit like Costco."
Barry Dodds
This week, incredibly, Barry came prepared with actual research that he'd done on the topic in the form of two sheets of paper. He was able to introduce the listener to the New World Order and stated impressive facts like "Illuminati is Latin for 'enlightened'" and could even tell us that The Illuminati formed in Bavaria in 1776.

So, what are The Illuminati rumoured to be today? Well, they're supposedly a secretive "bunch of lads" who aim to control the world using a network of money and influential people.

Luckily, Barry has summed it up in two sentences for us, "[they're] a secret society of people that once existed who are now believed to control the world. Their existence is debated."

According to Barry, the bigger the joke The Illuminati are, the better it is for them, "they love being a joke because it allows them to hide in plain sight."

Clearly The Illuminati once existed and over the course of the podcast Barry tries to convince us that they still exist today. Unfortunately his two pages of research didn't get him very far, but Barry had four compelling pieces of evidence; clues and hints which are out there that prove that the new world order is real and powerful.

Take a look at Barry's four key arguments below and see what you think...

1. Clues On The US Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill

Have you ever noticed anything sinister about the American dollar bill? Well according to Barry, "there's a little eye on it, just to let you know we're watching. That's The Illuminati."

Apparently this is the "all-seeing Illuminati eye," but Ian jumps in to correct Barry, stating that "that's not the reason for the eye on the dollar bill."

The eye is actually the Eye of Providence and represents the eye of God watching over mankind. It makes up part of the Great Seal of the United States which, coincidentally has been in use since 1776, the same year The Illuminati formed.

Compelling, but that wasn't Barry's only fact about the note, he went on, "there's a little owl on it."

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Owl On Dollar Bill

While some might pass the tiny owl off as a decorative detail on the currency, Barry sees this as a much dark message from the New World Order, he explains, "what does the owl mean? Owls are wise, the owl is the god of wisdom."

This bold statement about this mighty bird results in Ian reminding Barry that owls are only wise "in Winnie The Pooh."

Maybe there is something in it though because as Barry later says, "Justin Bieber has a tattoo of an owl." The influential pop star is presumably controlling his vulnerable teenage fans using owl imagery.

2. Walt Disney's Illuminati Affiliation

Walt Disney 666 Illuminati Logo

Now this is something I never thought I'd hear Barry, or anyone say... "The Illuminati's favourite road is route 666."

As Ian quite rightly points out no one even know the name of the person who supposedly heads up this rumoured secret society, "so you know their favourite road but you don't know their name?"

Now, this fact might seem meaningless on its own until Barry points out that "all big things are influenced by 'em" and if you want to brainwash people then you need to start when people are young, so of course the Walt Disney company is on board and there's clues in their company logo.

3. Prince Was Murdered By The Illuminati

Prince Was Murdered By The Illuminati

Barry jumped straight into this, posing a chilling question, "was Prince killed by The Illuminati?" Ian's simple response, "no" but fear not, Barry has evidence to back up this bold claim.

According to Barry, Prince said on Instagram just before he died in 2016, "just when you thought you were safe," but a month after his death, the post was removed.

Barry and presumably some Internet geeks have jumped to the conclusion that The Illuminati took the post down because they were after him for his millions of dollars in the bank... which is a little bit odd considering Barry says the New World Order already controls record labels, they could have just signed Prince up with their millions they already have.

If you need more evidence then Barry informs us that at Princes' last public appearance he said "wait a few days before you waste your prayers. That's a bit weird." and apparently Barry says this is proof that Prince knew The Illuminati were on to him.

But Barry later concede, "no it's doesn't make sense does it, when you think about it."

4. Is Trump The Start Of The New World Order?

Donald Trump

According the Barry there is a theory on Trump's involvement in the New World Order, he's told us to look out for what the dimwitted President does with his hands when he sits.

Ian, like most of us, says "I can't personally take my eyes off of his f**king hair," but if you do, according to Barry, you'll see Trump making triangles with his fingers, the mysterious sign of The Illuminati.


Ian didn't give Barry too much of a hard time this week and at one point even went as far as to almost agree with him, "I'm not arguing at any point that there isn't what could be described as a New World Order. As in an organisation of people, who are manipulating situations for financial gain."

Ian went on, "what I'm arguing is, it's not a mysterious society, it's not secret handshakes, it's not hoods in basements, it isn't that. It's business men being twats, like they have since the dawn of money. That's all it is."

Ian 2 - Barry 0.

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