'The ParaPod: A Very British Ghost Hunt' Movie Locations

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The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

WARNING: This Article Contains Spoilers Throughout

While filming 'The ParaPod: A Very British Ghost Hunt', the film that was born from their podcast series, Ian Boldwsworth and Barry Dodds visited various paranormal hotspots across the country. As well as the infamous Black Monk House in Pontefract, the duo investigated the Ancient Ram Inn, Edinburgh Vaults, and the supposedly very haunted Codnor Castle.

Below is a list of all the haunted locations that feature in the movie and a little about each location's haunted histories.

Pluckley, Kent

The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

The village of Pluckley sits on the edge of the North Downs in Kent and is mentioned in the Domesday Book after the time of the Norman Conquest, but dating far further back through Roman times and beyond. The traditional picture-postcard English village is said to be the most haunted village in England, due to several well documented reports of ghost sightings.

Pluckley was the topic of a podcast episode in The ParaPod's first series back in 2017. In the movie Barry takes Ian on a ghostly taxi tour of the village, taking in Maltman's Hill, where the sound of horses hooves running along road have been heard. They also spend the night in the village's legendary Dering Woods, also known as "the screaming woods".

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Edinburgh Vaults, Scotland

The ParaPod Movie

One of the movie's most pivotal moments takes place in the network of eerie chambers formed within the arches of the South Bridge in Edinburgh, which houses a witches coven and has a lot of dark and sinister history.

Visitors to the vaults, which are now a tourist attraction, report hearing disembodied voices, including the sound of children crying. The mysterious sound of feet shuffling can also be heard coming from dark corners of the vaults, and people have reported being touched.

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

'The ParaPod – A Very British Ghost Hunt'

Ian and Barry filmed at the Grade II listed building in Wotton-under-Edge with a psychic medium the day after the death of its former owner, John Humphries, resulting in an odd atmosphere.

Some of the most commonly reported activity includes highly localised cold spots, temperature drops and unexplained icy blasts of air. There's also activity in the form of light anomalies seen with the naked eye and caught on camera. Doors are said to slam on their own, footsteps are frequently heard, furniture is heard sliding around and mysterious knocking is witnessed.

The Old Victorian School, Nottingham

The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

The old school building in Long Eaton features briefly in the movie. Evidence collected by previous teams investigation the location includes unexplained noises, sightings of dark shadowy figures, and even poltergeist activity.

There's been reports of object moving of their own accord, strange bangs, and the cracking sound of a cane, plus reports of strange light phenomenon, extreme temperature changes, disembodied voices and the unnerving feeling of being watched.

30 East Drive, Pontefract

The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

The infamous "Black Monk House" at 30 East Drive in Pontefract has been discussed in depth by Barry and Ian in the podcast, even serving as the location for the podcast's Halloween special.

Reports of poltergeist activity at the typical three-bedroom semi-detached house started after the Pritchard family moved in to the house in 1966. The house is now a popular venue for ghost hunters and paranormal researchers who visit the property still log countless paranormal occurrences to this day.

Codnor Castle & Farmhouse, Derbyshire

The ParaPod Movie

Codnor Castle Cottage sits in the grounds of the ruins of a medieval castle on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The farmhouse and the castle itself play an important role in the movie as a location that Barry takes Ian to in the hopes he'll be able to prove to him that ghosts exist.

The reason Barry picked this spot as a location for the movie was based on his experience there from a previous visit. He said, "I remember when I was in there the first time and I thought 'this place is incredible' and I said at the time 'I've got a feeling that I'll be back here for some reason' and of course we went back for the ParaPod Movie because it was just so good."

The castle grounds are said to be haunted by a soldier of the Knight's Templar who was injured in battle and took refuge in the castle over night. The grounds are also said to be haunted by a spirit known as the Grey Lady, it's said she was a heavily pregnant French woman, and died following an accident while out riding her horse.

The paranormal occurrences in the cottage ranges from dark shadows, to poltergeist activity like doors slamming, furniture being moved across rooms, and glasses thrown. There have been countless reports of disembodied voices including singing, laughter, the voices of children, and blood-curdling screams.

The Church

St. John the Baptist Church, Honiley

This rural Baroque style baptist church was a prominent location in the film. It's not a haunted building and is not identified in the film, but it is a stunning building, which looks even more impressive in the movie captured in the snow. However, it is where a pivotal moment in the movie takes place.

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