I Contacted A Real Life African Love Doctor

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African Love Ritual
A man named Dr. Hassan left a comment on my website saying he could help me find love with a magic spell and love ritual, so I thought I'd put him to the test. His comment read...

Are you disappointed in life you have tried everything but no solution for what is trebling your life? Here is the best Dr. Hassan to help you +1(209) 213 3040


Dr. Hassan has got a good reputation from all over Africa and for so many years and now is here to help you and here are some of his work: Lost love spells, love spells, money spells, lost property, get child spell, attraction spells, divorce spells, revenge spells, win lotto spells, ring of powers and control magic.


Call or text +1(209) 213 3040 or duprixcamel@gmail.com

Sounds like he has some pretty impressive powers, so I sent an introduction to the email address he's given to see if he could me improve my live.

Higgypop: Hello, is this Dr. Hassan? I saw your comment on YouTube and wanted to know if your spells and potions are real because I badly need one. Can you help?

Dr. Hassan: Yes I am doctor Hassan and how may I help you?

Higgypop: Sorry, I've been away for the weekend with my twin step sister, so didn't see your reply. I am interested in obtaining a love potion if possible... and details on how it works.

Dr. Hassan: Send me your full names, date of birth and photo and same for the one you need to use the spell on, then I will consult my oracle.

Higgypop: Thank you, doctor. I am.... Stephen Elizabeth Higgins - 22 May 1984. She is Emily Peter Andre - 19 December 1987. I've attached the photos.

Dr. Hassan: I already consulted my oracle and I will need to do a binding love spell for you, you will see the results three days after I cast the spell. I will need a few items to do the portion it will cost about $115.

Higgypop: Heck, the oracle sure is quick! OK, can you tell me what items you need and how it will work? I am very keen to marry Emily ASAP.

Dr. Hassan: I need an African talisman and three cowries, I will do a command on the talisman and I will send it to you, once you say your desire on it, you will start to see how she will start showing much love and concern for you, but you can also contact me anytime you wish to deactivate the spell.

Higgypop: Oh, I thought you were an expert in this. I assume because you don't have these things that you're never performed this spell before? Is there any guarantee it will work?

Dr. Hassan: What? This is something I have been doing for years, this is because the items are hard to come by, but here you are sure of full results. Once the spell is casted, I will mail the talisman to you through UPS and you will make wishes to it and you will see how powerful it works.

Higgypop: Oh, so you send the items to me after? I understand now. I just didn't understand why you wouldn't have had these items from the last time you performed that spell.

Higgypop: What is the best way to pay? Do you have a website or something Also, do you have any testimonials from people you've help previously, as it's quite a bit of money it would just be good to hear how you have helped others.

Dr. Hassan: Get to me through WhatsApp on +237676483295, I will call you and let you know all you need to know.

Higgypop: I am scared to talk to you, you are a witch doctor, You might use your satanic powers and hypnate me.

Dr. Hassan: No I only have to help people, I cant harm you, instead I am working to help you out have your heart desire. I am going to help you, I am not evil as you might think.

Higgypop: OK, I believe you. My friend Tony Crisp gave me an idea! Why don't you do a spell to bring me wealth! I'll give you half of the money that I get and you can use that money to perform my love spell!!

Dr. Hassan: Yes it's possible, and it's a good idea, but you will need  also need to pay for the items needed to get the money spell done.

Higgypop: OK, no problem. How to I go about doing this please?

Dr. Hassan: You can go to any African store in your city once you buy the African talisman and three cowries, then you can send the to me I will use it to perform the love spell.

Higgypop: OK, I can do that. Where should I send them?

Dr. Hassan: When you get them I will give you my shrine address in Cameroon. Let me know if you can get the items this weekend.

Higgypop: Yes, professor doctor, sir.

The scam obviously is that he wants me to buy these items from him, so I thought it would be funny to claim I could get them without his help, then what would the scam be? Two days later...

Dr. Hassan: Hello, did you get the items?

Higgypop: Yes, I have them now. Are these OK?

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Items For Love Spell Ritual

Dr. Hassan: The cowries are okay but the talisman should be of ancient African origin so o can give you my shrine address so you can send to.

Higgypop: It was from an antique store, it cost $250 so I assumed it must have been quite old. Can you let me know what type of thing I should be getting, I can sell this one on eBay.

Dr. Hassan: That's really expensive, I can get the items here for about $160, you need to sell that one.

Higgypop: I don't think the man in the shop would have been trying to con me, that's the kind of thing that happens on the internet! LOL (laughing online)

Dr. Hassan: Okay, I just wanted to be sure we are using the right materials for the spell, rather than use something that will not work, so send it to me using DHL.

Higgypop: OK...

Dr. Hassan: Send using this address,
Country: Cameroon
City: yaounde
Zip code: 00237
Telephone: +237676483295

Higgypop: No house number or street? How will it get to you??

Dr. Hassan: Yes, when it gets here, they will call me on phone and I will go get it from their office.

Higgypop: OK, I'll try tomorrow but I'm not too sure if FedEx or similar will even let me send it without a full address. I'll let you know.

Dr. Hassan: Hello, have you gone there to send the items?

Higgypop: No, they said the address wasn't a valid addressment system.

Dr. Hassan: Send them to via FEDEX, Cameroon, bamenda, 00237, big babanki.

Higgypop: OK, great success!

Dr. Hassan: Did you send the items? I need the tracking number.

Higgypop: No, it's 2:30am the meat shop is closed.

Dr. Hassan: OK, send them in the morning , make sure you stay online.

Higgypop: It's Sunday tomorrow, nowhere will be open apart from church and Bargain Booze.

Dr. Hassan: Okay, then tomorrow Monday make sure you send them, show me the photo of the items so I can see if you have the original items.
Items For Love Spell Ritual

Dr. Hassan: Is that a wooden talisman and how old is that piece?

Higgypop: It was from an antique store, it cost $250. The man (called Alverk) said it was from the cretaceous period.

Dr. Hassan: I am not sure of that, I guess you will have to go refund it, I will have to get the items my self so I be sure of what I am getting.

Higgypop: No, it's OK. They had loads to choose from, some were REALLY old. I think they are cheaper here so I don't mind getting it.

Dr. Hassan: I am saying so because I know the items when I get them my self, if you insist on getting it then no problem but if I perform the rituals and it doesn't then just know the items were not authentic .

Higgypop: Oh codding heck! Can you send me the links to them and I'll buy them?

Dr. Hassan: It's like you don't understand English, I said I will go get them from the market thing I can do is give you the email of one of the suppliers I already contacted.

Higgypop: But, sir, I was just trying to be helpful. We have many occult stores here that sell antique items very cheap. English is my first language, I assume it is not your dumb dumb plop head.

Dr. Hassan: What??? You call me dump? I told you the items here cost $200.

Higgypop: No, I didn't use the word dump at all.

Dr. Hassan: And this has taken long, I should have been done with this before if you would just let me get it from the local suppliers.

Higgypop: Well, I'd like to know what you are buying and how much it is going to be?

Dr. Hassan: I am buying an ancient African talisman, three cowries, and love portion.

Higgypop: Yumm! One portion of love please! How much will each of those items cost, your witchyness?

Dr. Hassan: The talisman should be $115, cowries $15 and the love powder $70.

Higgypop: OK, great success! So this time next month I could have three beautiful human baby children of my own with my lovely wife what did a love on me!

Dr. Hassan: Yes, when you see the results then you can do a donation to my organisation.

Higgypop: Sounds excellent. I will be sure to make a sizeable donation to your witch doctoring cause.

Dr. Hassan: So when are you making the payment for the items, so I can perform the rituals maybe today or tomorrow?

Higgypop: I could have done today but since you've put the option out there, I'll go for tomorrow if that's OK. How do I pay you?

Dr. Hassan: It's better you go today so I can secure the items now, you make the payment through Western Union.

Higgypop: That's not very secure though is it? I thought only fraudsters and scammers use Western Union? Can't we use PayPal or Rowtox?

Dr. Hassan: Yes, its true its not secure as you said, but I don't have any other means to receive funds from where I am, there is no PayPal or whatever.

Higgypop: Oh, no thanks then. I'd rather use a trusted payment method. You should really get yourself set up on one, it makes you look like a scammer.

Dr. Hassan: I have partner in town that receives PayPal but he demands extra charges, but for him to pay me $200 for the items then you will need to send $215.

Higgypop: That's OK, I'd rather send it via a secure method. PayPal offers buyer's protection so I can get a refund if you vanish without delivering anything, LOL.

Dr. Hassan: I will give you his PayPal but not once you see the results then you will send my donation via Western Union.

Higgypop: OK. So, what should I do now? I am eager to get this process moving?

Dr. Hassan: The person said he no more uses PayPal but I have also  contacted a supplier still here in the US but he's giving the items for $250 and you will pay him through Money Gram in the US and he will receive the funds and send the items to me, then I do you spell simple.

Higgypop: No no no. Money Gram is another one that scammers used. If he is in the US, I could just do a Wobax or Lampfer straight to his bank account, or visit his store.

Dr. Hassan: I can guarantee you that I am a genuine spell caster and I work only with trusted partners, you seems to have so much fear, but I don't blame the is just that you are making the process more complicated.

Higgypop: I'm very sorry to hear that I am complicating things, that is the last thing I want to do. The problem is, you see a few months ago I tried to join the Illuminati with a man I was speaking to on WhatsApp. Just like you he left a comment on my website. I had to send him $1200 to buy items for my initiation ceremony. I paid and then he didn't speak to me again, I don't know if he fell ill or died or something, but the bank said they couldn't get my money back and said I should use secure payment in future like PayPal or Grindr. So, I am sorry, but that is my only options.

Dr. Hassan: Oh sorry to learn about that, list I can never do such a thing and I am here just to help you, nothing else, only for you to get the results and you want and send my donation.

Higgypop: Bless your ass, doctor. So, are we able to proceed in some way? Once your magic has worked and I know you are real, I am more than happy to make a VERY generous donation to your foundation. Money is no object to me, I have everything I want in life. Expensive cars, multiple houses, all that is missing is the love of my dearest Emily lady.

Dr. Hassan: You must pay me Money Gram or Western Union, it is the only option if you want my help.

Higgypop: I cannot send money in an insecure way again. This is why Emily left me in the first place. She was angry that I gave money away without checking with her and she left me, I just want her back.

Dr. Hassan: I just want you to have my trust, I will prove to you who I am and how effective my spells works, all I need is just to get the items and I will do the spell and within three days you will see results , I will give you my private number so we can keep in contact.

Higgypop: OK, I believe you, but is there anyway you can demonstrate your magical powers to me?

Dr. Hassan: Yes, I need your full names, date of birth and photos and just the same info for Emily, then you will see my powers.

Higgypop: Thank you doctor, thoctor. I've already sent you that information. I will send a donation or the money once I know you are real.

Dr. Hassan: Yes, as I told you , I just need the items, are you still able to do the payment for the items today?

Higgypop: No, I can't pay the ways you've suggested unless I know you are real. That's why I asked if you could show me you really have powers? Can you make something move in my house or give me a sign using magic?

Dr. Hassan: Get me through WhatsApp +237676483295 just text me now.

So, I thought it would be fun to start another conversation with the scammer on WhatsApp, but I'd pretend to be someone completely different.

Higgypop: Hello is this Doctor James Rowland?

Dr. Hassan: Yes this is the photo of my son on his graduation

Higgypop: Oh

Dr. Hassan: Anyway let's move on

Higgypop: Yes please

Dr. Hassan: So what I was saying is that I want the items as of now

Higgypop: Items?

Dr. Hassan: But I tried to let you know my oracle is an ancient oracle I inherited from my grand fathers.

Higgypop: What do you mean?

Dr. Hassan: So it's no joking place for me, I go there strictly with permission from the gods to grand peoples request. That's why we don't charge any fee for our services.

Higgypop: Sorry, I don't know what you mean. I just saw your message on a forum I read. I wanted to find out about your "get child spell."

Dr. Hassan: If I take money from you, then the spell will not work, so what I am saying is that you should just let me have the items, its simple.

Higgypop: I don't know what you mean. Which items? Are you Doctor James Rowland?

Dr. Hassan: I am Doctor Hassan you have been communication with on email.

Higgypop: No, I haven't emailed you yet.

Dr. Hassan: Yes I have told you I can help you with that.

Higgypop: I saw your comment on a forum, you said you can do a spell to get a baby but sorry, I must have the wrong person.

Dr. Hassan: Oh no, its just I have a mix up. I cast all types of spells.

At this point I replied to his email saying, "I don't have WhatsApp, sorry Doctor" and the conversation continued on WhatsApp...

Higgypop: Oh good.

Dr. Hassan: Including the one you need

Higgypop: We would really like a baby, we saw a really nice one called Graham. He belongs to a lady from the Murder Club. Can you get me that baby?

Dr. Hassan: Oh yes is that the one you need?

Higgypop: Yes, he is a powerful child. We want to sacrifice him. Offer him up to Satan, I'm sure you understand as a witch doctor.

Dr. Hassan: Yes, I know but it will cost you expensive.

Higgypop: It's OK. I have just the payment for you. How would you like to live forever alongside the dark lord in Hell? I can guarantee you a place at his side. How does that sound?

Dr. Hassan: You need to pay the right amount.

Higgypop: You will be the most powerful African man ever. The dark lord will share his powers with you and make your penis three feet long. Also you get unlimited free tea and coffee. What do you say? Are you in?

Dr. Hassan: But who are you

Higgypop: Just call me The Master, my true identity will be revealed in the next life.

Dr. Hassan: You are in the wrong place. Sorry I am not interested.

Higgypop: I know but soon I will transition into Hell and I vow to take you with me if you are ready. You don't not want unlimited power?

Dr. Hassan: Yea, because you don't know me

Higgypop: I know you have the powers I need, you are a dark wizard like me? You know I cannot do spells to benefit myself but if you help me, I can help you. Just think... a three foot long penis!

Dr. Hassan: I understand but I cant help you and you can't help me

Higgypop: Oh, your powers are not real like mine? You know I have the power to hex if you refuse? I was hoping it wouldn't come to this.

Dr. Hassan: You made a mistake

Higgypop: You have made a mistake in not helping me. I will begin my incantations at midnight and lay my hex on you.

Higgypop: This is your last chance to help me...

Dr. Hassan: You are so funny

After this I sent him a link to this page and came clean. Weirdly, this wasn't the end of the conversation.

Dr. Hassan: I want to ask you, how do you manage to get so many visitors on your website?

Higgypop: I post daily content and I have over 80,000 YouTube subscribers.

Dr. Hassan: And you get paid?

Higgypop: Yes. I write about witchcraft, the paranormal and the occult.

Dr. Hassan: I want to learn such

Higgypop: My tip would be to write about what you know. What are you good at?

Dr. Hassan: I know a lot about witchcraft and cultures and African believes.

Higgypop: Not many people in the USA/UK would know about those African believes and traditions. It's probably very interesting.

Dr. Hassan: Yes

Higgypop: I would be interested in reading about it from the perspective of a native African. You should do it!

Dr. Hassan: Can you help me create a web site?

Higgypop: Well, no because if I help you, you might just use the website to try to sell your scam to people. I don't want to help you take people's money.

Dr. Hassan: No I will use it to start writing my own stories so I can have visitors.

Higgypop: So what's stopping you? You could start by setting up an account with Blogger.com for free.

Maybe I should start a new online school to help rehabilitate international fraudsters by teaching them new skills and giving them new, non-criminal vocations.

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