I Was Taken Back To A Past Life By Hypnotherapist Paul Goddard

By Steve Higgins
May 29, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
Steve Higgins Past Life Regression With Paul Goddard

I was recently given the chance to peek back at my past lives, in a regression session under the guidance of hypnotist and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Paul Goddard. The Gloucestershire-based clinical hypnotherapist has garnered some attention within paranormal circles in recent months, including a notable appearance on the Discovery+ series 'Help! My House Is Haunted'.

For the uninitiated, past life regression is a practice that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives. While some sceptics question its validity, arguing these experiences could merely be fabrications of the mind, Paul reassured me that even those who don't subscribe to the idea of reincarnation can gain intriguing insights into their subconscious through these sessions.

The journey commenced with me entering a hypnotic state under Paul's instruction. Suddenly, I found myself in mid-twentieth-century rural England. Envisioning a rugged coastline and the old, historic town of Launceston, Cornwall, I began to narrate a tale from a past life, painting vivid scenes presumably from a bygone era.

Paul asked me if I was aware of who I was. The name Mark came to mind effortlessly. I went on to tell Paul that I was a man in my twenties living in the year 1947, with a last name beginning with an "R" - possibly Riley or Reynolds.

After being encouraged to jump forward to another point in my past life, I envisaged myself outside a rural farmhouse that appeared weathered and grey, before dropping into a lively pub full of people celebrating. It felt like the festivities were due to some kind of national event. I got the impression that the pub was in a rural location that was reminiscent of Tewkesbury. The pub was housed in a Tudor-style building and may have been called the "Three Feathers".

I also recalled a childhood memory of being on a boating lake with family members, possibly my father and sister. My perception of my family members was vague. They were like silhouettes or presences, rather than detailed individuals.

The therapist then asked me to recall another memory, and I found myself in the midst of a camping experience in a forest with other boys my age, indicating a scout trip or a similar event. I was in a quiet clearing in a dense pine forest with an old-fashioned, triangular tent. There was also some kind of scavenger hunt or foraging activity with the boys, leading to a den made from branches in the forest, creating a kind of clubhouse with a space for a fire and logs for sitting.

Moving further into my past life, I found myself working as an assistant in a bakery in the southwest of the country, potentially in the town of Taunton, starting at age 15. The bakery had a large table in the middle for kneading and preparing dough, and racks of bread on the side. The owner of the bakery was a short, stocky man with a moustache and a bald head, I couldn't provide his full name but referred to him simply as Mr. Paul.

Then I was working outdoors at what seemed to be a country home or manor house in Gloucestershire. I was using a spade or brush and felt very comfortable in my surroundings. I could see a traditional sandstone manor across the lawn with steps leading up to the front door.

In the final part of the hypnosis session, the therapist continued to guide me as I recounted details about my final year. I recalled a football-related coach trip. However, I was unable to provide a specific team name, only identifying the team colours as white and pale blue. I'm not a football fan in this life, so those colours mean nothing to me. As the session progressed towards the end of "Mark's" life, I became aware of the sensation of waking up in pain, suggesting a possible heart attack as the cause of Mark's death.

Awakening from the session, I was surprised to learn that over an hour had passed. Throughout the session, I had remained in a relaxed, comfortable state, and remembered every detail I narrated. Some of what I'd said felt like it just popped into my head as if coming from a deep subconscious place, while in other cases it felt more like my conscious mind was stepping in and my words and vision were created with a bit more awareness.

I found it very hard to see myself during the scenarios I found myself in. I couldn't get an impression of what I was wearing or what I looked like in a mirror, which isn't very helpful when you try to validate the information I came out with. My visions were also devoid of any other people; the streets and locations I found myself in were mostly empty and I was alone, other than one busy pub scene. In another memory, I was aware of being with two family members, but I was only really aware of their presences; I couldn't see them.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, my exploration of past life regression proved to be an interesting voyage into my subconscious. Despite my initial scepticism, I would recommend anyone with an open mind to give it a try as you are sure to find it to be a positive experience. If nothing else, it's very relaxing.

You can watch my full session with Paul in the video below, excluding the initial hypnotic suggestions. So don't worry, you're not going to suddenly fall into a trance while watching.

Although known for his past life regression sessions, Paul Goddard is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). You can find out more about the full array of therapeutic services Paul offers on his website, paulgoddardnlp.co.uk or check out his NLP and hypnotherapy videos.

You can also delve into the pasts of those Paul has regressed via his YouTube channel, where he regularly shares videos of the sessions he's conducted. You can check out his latest videos here. You can also get regular updates via Paul's Facebook page.

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