Watch The Festival Of The Unexplained - Day Two

October 25, 2020 7:00 PM ‐ Paranormal

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Festival Of The Unexplained

Day two of a free 40-hour virtual Halloween events is taking place online and today's lineup of virtual panels includes some of the biggest names from the paranormal community including Richard Estep, Sara & Phil Whyman, Sean Austin, Nick Stoppani and Nick Groff.

If you missed day one of the event, which included a virtual tour of Derby Gaol from paranormal historian, Richard Felix, and some exclusive news on this year's Paranormal Entertainment Awards, you can watch every session back in full here.

The free online event is hosted by Karen Fray and Jolene Jackson-Lockwood each of the hour-long sessions are being streamed live on the event's Facebook and YouTube pages.

The highlight of day two of the event was an interview with Nick Groff, famous as one of the lead investigators in the television show 'Paranormal Lockdown'.

Speaking to the event's organiser's Karen and Jolene, Nick announced his new show 'Death Walker', which is coming to the video streaming platform VIDI Space. The five-part series drops in the US on October 31. Nick says it will also come to the UK at a later date.

Nick said that this new solo journey is "probably one of the most incredible things I've done" and promises that it will be an engaging watch for viewers, "on VIDI Space you'll be able to write in in the live chat your experiences, what you're seeing." The show's unique format will see Nick comparing the paranormal activity at two different locations.

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Day Two Full Schedule

Sunday October 25 Time
Richard Estep
'Haunted Hospitals' and 'Paranormal 911'
4am GMT
Wes Coleman
Correctional Officers Paranormal Society
5am GMT
Sean Austin
'Ghost Loop'
6am GMT
Paul Stevenson
Haunted Magazine
7am GMT
Sara & Phil Whyman
'Are You Haunted...?'
8am GMT
Mike Goncalves
Tenessee Wraith Chasers
9am GMT
Simon Entwistle
Top Hat Tours
10am GMT
Miranda Young
Ghost Biker Explorations
11am GMT
Kate Cherrell
Burials & Beyond
12pm GMT
Garry Fields
Psychic readings
1pm GMT
Chris McKinnell
The Warren Legacy Foundation For Paranormal Research
2pm GMT
Kate Ray
3pm GMT
Heavenly Helen
Introduction to Hypnotherapy
4pm GMT
James Cloud
Bishop and exorcist
5pm GMT
Johnny Houser
'The Dead Files'
6pm GMT
Nick Groff
'Paranormal Lockdown'
7pm GMT
Lisa Morton
Halloween expert
8pm GMT
Josh Heard
Author, filmmaker and lecturer
9pm GMT
The Ghost Finders 10pm GMT
Nick Stoppani
UK Haunted LIVE
11pm GMT
The best thing about a virtual convention is that you can watch the panels from the comfort of your own sofa, and if you miss anything, the whole thing is available to re-watch whenever you want.

You can take a look at each of the sessions from Sunday below, or if you missed anything from day one, you'll find a full archive here...

Richard Estep, 'Haunted Hospitals' and 'Paranormal 911'

Wes Coleman, Correctional Officers Paranormal Society

Sean Austin, 'Ghost Loop'

Paul Stevenson, Haunted Magazine

Sara & Phil Whyman, 'Are You Haunted...?'

Mike Goncalves, Tenessee Wraith Chasers

Simon Entwistle, Top Hat Tours

Miranda Young, Ghost Biker Explorations

Kate Cherrell, Burials & Beyond

Garry Fields, Psychic readings

Chris McKinnell, The Warren Legacy Foundation For Paranormal Research

Kate Ray, FAE

Heavenly Helen, Introduction to Hypnotherapy

James Cloud, Bishop and exorcist

Johnny Houser, 'The Dead Files'

Lisa Morton, Halloween expert

Josh Heard, author, filmmaker and lecturer

The Ghost Finders

If you missed anything from day one, you can watch it back here.


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