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By Steve Higgins
March 20, 2023 6:00 PM ‐ ParanormalTelevision

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Nick Groff
After a spate of paranormal shows being cancelled by Travel Channel and Discovery+, 'Paranormal Lockdown' star Nick Groff has finally spoken out about the television politics that lead to the cancellation of his show back in 2019.

Nick isn't the only television ghost hunter to speak out. His former channel mate Dakota Laden, star of 'Destination Fear', has also spoken out. In a video posted to Twitter, Dakota wanted to address rumours that Zak Bagans might have influenced the network's decision to cancel 'Destination Fear'.

Although Dakota didn't make any direct accusations against the 'Ghost Adventures' host in his video, Dakota does make it clear that Zak wasn't particularly supportive of the show.

After seeing Dakota speak out, Nick felt that it was time for him to answer the questions that fans have been asking since he was forced to depart 'Ghost Adventures' almost a decade ago. Nick opened up to fans in a video posted on his Twitter account. He started by saying, "I was not fired from 'Ghost Adventures'. I never did 'a bad thing.' I never cheated in a relationship that I was in. I was misled with the ongoing of 'Paranormal Lockdown'."

While most who have seen the clip have been supportive, there has been some backlash over Nick's statement, some labelling the video as a cry for attention or the result of jealousy or bitterness, but is this really the case? I'm sure in some ways Nick's choice to speak out was fuelled by bitterness. Feeling some sort of resentment to someone who cost you your career seems understandable. But a cry for attention? I don't think so.

Fans of 'Ghost Adventures' and Nick have been demanding answers about Nick's departure from 'Ghost Adventures' and the cancellation of 'Paranormal Lockdown' for years. Nick has kept quiet for years, and until now has simply said that these decisions were made due to "television politics." By addressing these questions directly, Nick is just giving fans of paranormal television the answers they've been wanting.

You can watch Nick's announcement in full here...
Unlike Nick who can speak freely about Zak, it should be said that I am under an NDA, a nondisclosure agreement, which means that legally there are things I can't say publicly about Zak. Obviously I can't go in to details into the legal dispute that occurred in January 2020, but others have written about it openly online.

So, I'll rain in some of my personal thoughts and opinions on this subject and present the facts for you to decide, as I often do anyway. I should say that there's a reason why I've either reviewed or written about everything Nick has done including content around 'Death Walker' and more than 50 pages on 'Paranormal Lockdown'.

The reason there's so much content about Nick on my site is because I choose to watch Nick's shows. I'm genuinely a fan of his and Katrina, much more so than any other investigators on television. Like many others, I enjoyed watching 'Paranormal Lockdown'.

When it comes to 'Ghost Adventures', I don't review individual episodes, because I don't enjoy watching it. This isn't because I dislike Zak necessarily, but it's true I've never warmed to him as a host. I just don't enjoy the format or feel of 'Ghost Adventures'.

Furthermore, Zak has never been supportive of Higgypop Paranormal. The only time I've interacted with Zak is through a lawyer. Whereas Nick has supported out content. At times he's shared our posts and interacted with us.

Nick's announcement has generated a huge response from fans of ghost hunting television shows and members of the paranormal community. The majority of responses seem to be supportive of Nick, Dakota and the rest of the 'Destination Fear' team, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder.

In fact, after hearing that 'Destination Fear' would not be returning for a new season, Dakota set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new season of the show for fans. In less than two hours, the campaign raised enough money to reboot the show and went on to raise more than $100k.

Lee Steer of 'Ghosts Of Britain' has been following the story and shared his thoughts on the debacle in a YouTube video...

In Nick's video, he worked his way through a selection of questions sent in by his followers. He started by telling viewers, "I never had an NDA. I was not fired from 'Ghost Adventures'. I never did 'a bad thing.' I never cheated in a relationship that I was in. I was misled with the ongoing of 'Paranormal Lockdown'."

He added, "I kept my head up for nine years, I pushed forward, I kept trying to move on creating new hit shows, but the previous hosts that I used to work with, keep trying to stop my career. So this is my story. This is from my perspective, and now I have to talk about it."

The first question Nick addressed came from someone called Rachel, who asked "what was it like working on the 'Ghost Adventures' team after the documentary and fame hit? Just wondering if rumours are true about 'you know who's' ego from experience?" By "you know who," Rachel means Zak Bagans. She added, "I questioned him once about how he treats his team and was blocked instantly."

Tackling this question, Nick said "in my opinion, this rumour is true. I witnessed it firsthand and I saw him treat people just as poorly. This host was terrible to work with. It was an extremely hostile environment to work in."

Next Nick addressed a comment from Glenda, in which she said "Aaron has already explained why you were fired. You went behind Zak's back started a new show without discussing anything with him. Trying to destroy him at this late date will do you no good."

Nick reiterated, "I did not get fired. That is false." He explained, "I did not go behind anyone's back. My contract allowed me to produce other shows just like the other hosts who I was working with, who produced several other shows. This is simply jealousy, nothing to do with legalities."

Nick also received several questions asking him whether or not he believes that he has been banned from appearing on Travel Channel. Nick said, "In my opinion, I do believe I was blocked from the network and continuing my shows, specifically because of one host I used to work with. And the reason I know this is because several executives I spoke to at the network said I can't come to that network as long as he's there. And also years later speaking to Dakota who finally spoke out about it and confirmed it for me that yes, when he was filming with this one host at a location, this host came into the room bragging laughing saying 'haha, Nick's never going to work in America again because I gave the network an ultimatum to choose him or me.'"

One Twitter user named MarshMar1 felt that Nick's announcement was a little too late. They wrote, "I'm sorry, this was like 10 years ago move on with your life stay out of the drama." Nick countered this by saying, "it's not drama when it directly impacts my life, my career and my family. I wouldn't have to get involved in this conversation if this individual didn't continue interfering with my life."

Possibly the most asked question, was from people wanting to know exactly why Nick left 'Ghost Adventures'. Nick said, "based on what I was told, a certain individual that I worked with called up the network and said he would not show up at the next location if I showed up."

The investigator went on to explain, "I was dragged along for two months and I kept being told 'we don't need you at this next location.' And then another week would go by, 'we don't need you at that location'. It got to the point where I was dragged along for so long that my lawyer finally stepped in."

This of course led Nick to go on and create something new, which ended up being 'Paranormal Lockdown', which Nick said became one of the highest rated shows on the network at the time. Nick's followers wanted to know why this show came to a sudden end.

He explained, "I was told by the network executives that we would continue 'Paranormal Lockdown' into 20 episodes and keep going after it. But then suddenly radio silence. We had to get on the phone, talk to the network and try to figure out what was going on because this is what it was being promised. And this brings me back around to what Dakota witnessed about a certain individual, a host who walked into the room bragging and talking about how he stopped 'Paranormal Lockdown'."

Nick added ominously, "I believe I know what happened to my show 'Paranormal Lockdown', but what do you guys think?"

Nick then presented screenshots sent in by followers that showed tweets that Zak posted years ago which seem to be aimed at Nick. The first of these tweets read, "anyone out there who gets fired from a job for doing bad things can't use such job as a resume of achievements. Total deception."

Responding to this, Nick said in his video, "here's proof that he's putting out statements about me, talking about how I did 'bad things.' Multiple people in the industry reached out to me and stated Zak called them and told them not to work with me. After speaking with Dakota, I learned that these patterns have not stopped. I believe that these rumours were used to try to hinder my career."

Another historic tweet from Zak read, "disgusted to see someone using our show name 'Ghost Adventures' to keep promoting shows and himself that we want absolutely nothing to do with." Nick said, "it is part of my resume. I helped create the title 'Ghost Adventures' I edited I was a co-creator. I was in it for 10 seasons. I have every right to use 'Ghost Adventures' on my resume bottom line. These are false statements and his way of trying to ruin my reputation."

Nick then addressed a more personal accusation. In a tweet shared by someone called Kimmierss, they asked Nick "how about the allegations in the media regarding you cheating?" Nick told his followers, "these allegations are completely false. I've never cheated. I've never had an affair. In my opinion, these rumours and allegations were put out into the media purposely by a very hateful and jealous woman."

We're not sure what all this means for the future of paranormal television. Will the tide turn on Zak? Will Nick and Dakota be pardoned? Only time will tell, but both the 'Destination Fear' team and Nick have ongoing projects of their own, so it's not the last we've heard from them.

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