Nick Groff's 'Death Walker' Lands On The Really Channel This Halloween

September 26, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevisionHalloween

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Deathwalker With Nick Groff
Nick Groff challenges the paranormal status quo in his new investigative series, 'Death Walker', which sees him delve headfirst into some of the most bizarre and controversial theories relating to hauntings.

Throughout the course of this five-part series, Nick hopes that by comparing evidence of the paranormal collected at various haunted locations across America, that he can examine the world of ghosts from a new perspective.

'Death Walker' has been available to watch for subscribers of Discovery+ in the UK since earlier this year, but now the series will get its global television debut on the British free-to-air channel Really in the build up to Halloween.

The series will be broadcast over five consecutive nights at 11pm from Monday, October 25, with each episode available on catch-up afterwards.

Nick is best-known as an original member of the 'Ghost Adventures' team and his more recent series alongside Katrina Weidman, 'Paranormal Lockdown'. In his new original Discovery+ series he investigates the origins of some of the most notorious hauntings in America and hopes to redefine our understanding of the paranormal along the way.

Nick said that this new solo journey is "probably one of the most incredible things I've done. You know, back in the day 'Ghost Adventures' was my first baby. 'Paranormal Lockdown' was the next step and then I just felt like it's time to evolve and push the paranormal forward."

In the series Nick examines supernatural concepts like stone tape and a new controversial theory that suggest that the past, present and future exist simultaneously. In the show's opening episode, Nick says, "if evidence could be documented to support that theory, it would change the way we perceive ghosts."

The California-born ghost hunter developed an interest in the paranormal after having a near-death experience which lead to a ghostly encounter. Talking about his passion for the subject, Nick said, "I love theories, I love out of the box thinking and we all don't have the right answer about life death and the journey."

This is what has lead Nick to question why spirits seem to be compelled to remain tethered to some of the world's most grim locations in 'Death Walker'. These places are often where people were harshly treated during their lives. To find the answers, Nick heads to a selection of allegedly haunted locations that he's never investigated before, including prisons, funeral homes and historic houses.

Nick says that throughout the compelling series viewers will feel like they are on the journey with him, which has lead Nick round the world to some of the most haunted locations looking for answers from the other side. He said, "you're kind of going on a journey with me into these locations and we're pulling back the layers from a different perspective, so I think people are going to find it very fascinating."

Nick recently posted a teaser clip of 'Death Walker' online. Describing the action in the 20 minute video, Nick said, "in this 24 hour investigation into 'Gothic Jail' in DeRidder Louisiana, I explore the dark secrets of its haunted past and immerse myself into the prisoners' domain to experience what they went through. Join me on my quest to push the boundaries of what we know or think we know in exploring the unknown."

The series originally premiered for US fans last Halloween on the streaming service VIDI.Space, which launched in 2018 but has since been acquired by the startup, QOSM due to its fast growth within the paranormal and horror genres. This left the series homeless before it had reached viewers outside of the United States. That's until Discovery snapped it up for subscribers of their streaming platform, which has lead to its television premiere this Halloween.

'Death Walker With Nick Groff' premieres on the Really channel on October 25. You can watch on Sky 142, Virgin 128, BT 17, Freeview 17, Freesat 160. Or watch the whole series now on Discovery+ in the UK.

'Death Walker' Episode Guide

Episode 1: Space-Time
Nick ventures into the Brushy Mountain Penitentiary in Tennessee and the Madison Seminary in Ohio to communicate with the ghosts that are tied to these locations.

Episode 2: Stone Tape Theory
Nick investigates the 6th Precinct in Detroit and the House of Wills in Cleveland. Both locations have a dark history of death and tragedy.

Episode 3: The Others
The owners of the Willis House Inn in Michigan call Nick to see if their inn is safe to open. Nick sleeps there to investigate how the entities will react.

Episode 4: Masonic Mysteries
Nick visits The Octagon Hall, a property built by the secret society known as the Freemasons. During the investigation, he witnesses what appears to be a UFO.

Episode 5: Thought Form Entity
Nick revisits two iconic haunted locations that changed his outlook on the paranormal, Bobby Mackey's Music World and the Washoe Club.

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