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  • Newcastle Ghosts & Hauntings Quiz

    September 09, 2022

    How much do you know about the haunted history of Newcastle, some of which occurs at the castle from which the city gets its name?

  • Bob Trollop - The Redhouse, Newcastle

    Bob Trollop's The Redhouse, Newcastle

    Today this quirky pub specialises in pie and liquor, but was once known as the site of an infamous murder and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former landlady.

  • Newcastle Is About To Lose A Haunted Graveyard

    October 22, 2019

    All Saints graveyard is famous in Newcastle for its ghostly stories. 'Jack The Beadle' haunts the area, and the ghost of Martha Wilson is also associated in this area. They feature heavily local legends. Local newspaper The Evening Chronicle also lists this graveyard in their top 10 spookiest places in Newcastle.

  • Literary & Philosophical Society

    The Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is situated on Westgate Road and is the largest independent library outside of London.

  • Sallyport Tower

    Sallyport Tower was one of the main defensive fortifications forming part of Newcastle's city walls, it's now known as Carpenter's Tower.

  • The Cooperage Pub

    It's the alleyway outside of the Cooperage Pub on Newcastle Quayside that is said to be haunted.

  • The Blackie Boy

    Located in Newcastle city centre, Blackie Boy in Groat Market, is one of the oldest pubs in Newcastle.

  • Investigating The Haunted The Victoria Tunnel

    February 24, 2019

    An underground tunnel originally built to transport coal under Newcastle, the Victoria Tunnel was later converted into an air raid shelter during the second world war, and in that time, it has seen it's fair share of tragedy and drama.

  • 10 Most Haunted Places In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    January 15, 2019

    These ten most paranormally active buildings in the city of Newcastle are some of the most haunted locations in the whole of the North East of England.

  • North East Of England

    Although the cities of Sunderland and Newcastle-upon-Tyne dominate our list of haunted locations in the North East of England, the whole region has plenty of ghost stories to tell.

  • Most Haunted: Castle Keep

    November 08, 2005

    Castle Keep in Newcastle Upon-Tyne is a place full of rich history. When the foundations of the castle were built, hundreds of human corpses were discovered and disturbed but how many of these people hold a grudge and haunt the castle today.

  • Most Haunted At Souter Lighthouse

    June 18, 2002

    Yvette Fielding takes her team to an unusual location for a ghost hunt, a lighthouse in Tyne and Wear, which dates back to 1871.

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