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  • 'Spooked Ireland': Charleville Castle

    October 01, 2023

    The owner of Charleville Castle in County Offaly is desperate for answers so has called Vogue Williams, Chris Fleming and their team to investigate multiple accounts of paranormal activity.

  • Leap Castle

    The castle was built in the 14th century and was used as a stronghold of the O'Carroll family, powerful Irish princes who thought nothing of murder.

  • Charleville Castle

    The castle is located in the centre of Ireland near the town of Tullamore, it was built by Charles William Bury in the 1700s over the top of an ancient druid burial ground, where people were buried alive to stop the spread of the plague.

  • Kinnitty Castle

    The most famous ghost to haunt this Gothic-style building is that of a the Monk of Kinnitty, a former resident of the castle, which over the centuries has been home to Augustinian monks, been partially destroyed by fire and is now a hotel.

  • Clonony Castle

    The 16th century Clonony Castle is a Tudor castle complete with secret passageways and a murder hole.

  • Most Haunted: Kinnitty Castle

    October 05, 2004

    Kinnitty Castle in Count Offaly is said to host several banshees waiting for imminent deaths. A child whimpering and a white lady has been seen and heard in 'Geraldine's Suite' within the castle. Will the Most Haunted Team come across any paranormal activity?

  • Most Haunted At Charleville Forest Castle

    September 03, 2002

    Yvette Fielding and the team visit Charleville Castle, a 17th-century Gothic home in Co Offaly, Ireland, owned by an American family that claims to have some uninvited guests.

  • 'Spooked Ireland' Unmasks A Demon In Disguise At Leap Castle

    October 24, 2023

    The 'Spooked Ireland' team confronts an elemental demon at Leap Castle, where they delve deep into the mysteries of Ireland's most haunted location.

  • Chris Fleming Says His 'Mind Was Blown' By Activity While Filming 'Spooked Ireland'

    October 15, 2023

    Chris Fleming talk about the new season, the differences between Scottish and Irish hauntings, and what sets 'Spooked Ireland' apart from other programmes in this niche genre.