'Spooked Ireland' Unmasks A Demon In Disguise At Leap Castle

October 24, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal
Spooked Ireland - Leap Castle
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Leap Castle in County Offaly, Ireland, has been notorious for its haunted reputation. The latest episode of 'Spooked Ireland', aired on the Really channel and available on demand on Discovery+, explores this spine-chilling location. With an investigative team led by Vogue Williams and Chris Fleming, the episode promises to unravel the mystery of one of Ireland's most haunted places.

The 13th-century castle was built under the ruling of the O'Carroll clan, a family infamous for their brutal and bloody history. Vogue Williams, one of the hosts, elucidated on the reputation of Leap Castle, describing it as a hub for violent events. The weight of these historical occurrences seems to linger in the form of paranormal activity, a point made evident by Chris Fleming, another investigator on the show.

One of the most talked-about spectres at Leap Castle is an elemental spirit. Local investigator Jenny Solomon has been exploring the castle for six years, attempting to decipher this mysterious presence. Chris Fleming has harboured a decade-long desire to investigate the castle, ever since a friend and paranormal investigator was shoved near the chapel. Their investigation commenced in the banquet hall beneath the chapel.

The investigators experienced several unexplained phenomena during their quest. Ryan O'Neill noted feeling oppressed by strange ghosts, and both he and Chris Fleming heard footsteps emanating from above their heads—precisely where the 'bloody chapel' is located. An electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session yielded a crackling sound, interpreted as a spectral voice, which they attributed to the elemental spirit, naming it 'It'.

Upon entering the "bloody chapel," the investigators heard a hissing sound, likened to a snake. This intensified their quest to uncover the identity of the so-called 'It.'

Vogue Williams explored another fascinating angle—the role of Mildred Darby. Mildred was a former resident of the castle who dabbled in black magic and had documented her experiences with the elemental spirit in her diary. According to her writings, she had faced near-death experiences since encountering the elemental. Williams pondered if Darby's dabbling in the occult had summoned this elemental spirit, or whether it was an enduring consequence of the O'Carroll clan's brutal reign.

While the episode thrived on a tapestry of grim histories and spectral mysteries, it's worth considering that the experiences are subjective. The auditory and visual phenomena, although eerie, may have logical explanations, perhaps in the realm of psychology or even basic physics. For the skeptical viewpoint, the dense history and atmospheric elements can easily lend themselves to heightened senses and interpretations, which could be mistaken for paranormal activity.
Spooked Ireland - Leap Castle
Photo: © Discovery+

As Ryan sets up for the evening, Chris Fleming can't help but share his expectations of a spirited night, considering the numerous people killed here by the O'Carroll family. The team has already gathered some electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) that indicate a certain Mildred as the individual who summoned an elemental spirit. However, the form this elemental has taken remains elusive.

Vogue Williams and Ryan O'Neill take it upon themselves to venture into the so-called O'Carroll death pit to make contact with the entity. In a space described as cramped and oppressive, they set up an audio recording device to capture any sounds or voices that might emerge. Both investigators audibly express their discomfort in the narrow confines but continue to ask questions, inquiring whether any spirits reside there or met their end in that pit.

Back in the banquet hall, Chris and Evelyn Hollow make a startling discovery. A REM-Pod, a device used to detect electromagnetic fields, goes off, suggesting the presence of a spirit. Through a series of questions and device flashes, they ascertain they're communicating with a male spirit who once lived in the castle. More chillingly, the spirit indicates that the elemental could be considered demonic.

This unsettling revelation seems to imbue Chris with a sense of anger, suggesting a dark influence is attempting to assert control over him. As the investigation progresses, Mildred's role becomes clearer: not only was she involved in sorcery, but she also seems to be trapped in the castle by the very demon she summoned.

The team concludes that a seance is the next logical step. Evelyn suggests that Mildred's dalliances in the occult would likely have been during the Victorian era, a time when seances were quite popular. Armed with a specialised piece of equipment called a Portal, designed to amplify ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) applications, the team prepares for the final showdown.

In a final showdown, Chris calls upon angelic forces to take the demon away, declaring that it no longer has permission to inhabit the castle. He demands the entity be imprisoned in a "safe place," and attempts to help the castle's other spirits move on.

Reflecting on their night a Leap Castle, Vogue says "Well, this was a pretty special place." Chris, in agreement, "It's kept up to his legacy and being most haunted place in Ireland, that's for sure."

But will this reputation remain now that Chris has banished the castle's infamous elemental and assisted other lingering spirits in crossing over? Does this mean the famously haunted Leap Castle is no longer haunted? Chris leaves the audience with a response, "Only time will tell."

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