The 'Spooked Ireland' Team Employ Ancient Methods To Contact The Troubled Spirits Of Blackwater Castle

November 27, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal
Spooked Ireland - Blackwater Castle
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In the latest episode of 'Spooked Ireland', available on Discovery+, the team investigates reports of a spike in supernatural occurrences at Blackwater Castle in County Cork, Southern Ireland, led by Vogue Williams and Chris Fleming. Built on an ancient druid settlement and with a history dating back almost 10,000 years, the castle stands as Ireland's oldest continuously inhabited site.

Early in the episode, the team, which also includes Ryan O'Neill and Evelyn Hollow, uncovers the tragic tale of Lady Ellen Roche, who defended her home against Cromwell's forces in 1650, only to be later imprisoned and executed within the castle's walls. Vogue notes, "It's been an infamous site of paranormal activity for years."

Patrick Nordstrom, the current owner, shares insights into the castle's haunted history. He speaks of Lady Ellen Roche's defence against Cromwell's army and her subsequent imprisonment and execution under dubious allegations. The castle, with its storied past, has become a hotspot for paranormal investigators due to reported activities in nearly every room.

The episode explores the intensified paranormal activities reported at the castle, now a wedding venue. Guests have recounted various encounters, from sightings of apparitions to inexplicable sounds. Chris and Ryan were the first to attempt to validate these claims during their initial sweep of the building.

The investigators use various techniques to interact with any spirits that might be present. Ryan attempts to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) using his trusty Panasonic RR-DR60. His efforts seem to pay off with sounds resembling drumbeats, possibly echoing the castle's besieged past, with Ryan commenting, "I just heard a boom boom boom boom boom."

The team also encounters a mysteriously opened door, interpreting them as signs of a spiritual presence wanting to communicate or cross over to another dimension.

A significant moment unfolds when psychic medium Chris senses the presence of a woman near the tower, with Chris Fleming pondering, "Why would a woman be going towards that tower?" This question guides them towards the 600-year-old structure. Inside, they discover an ancient symbol that Chris has encountered in his spirit art, hinting at a deeper connection with the paranormal entities within the castle.

The investigators later engage with these entities using a REM-Pod, which responds affirmatively to the presence of dark or evil spirits. An EVP session suggests the presence of a sorcerer or witch, aligning with Vogue's discovery of an ancient druid woman known as "the hag," associated with a tale of revenge and tragedy.

Towards the end of the investigation, Vogue and Evelyn return to the tower, where Evelyn observes, "This might be the creepiest place I've ever been." Their focus shifts to Lady Roche, with Vogue inquiring, "Would it just be Lady Roche in here if it was anyone?" Evelyn suggests the possibility of other presences, tied not just to the tower but to the land's ancient past.

In an attempt to communicate with the spirits, Evelyn introduces ancient methods. "So in this box, we've got rune stones," she explains, demonstrating their intention to engage with the spirits on a more primal, historical level. This approach seems to resonate, as the atmosphere intensifies with unexplained occurrences.

The team comes together in the tower for the final part of the investigation, in which they plan to use tarot cards. Chris, deeply attuned to the spiritual realm, shares his vision, "I'm already getting this woman that's doing a ritual. And I'm seeing herbs, and she lights something, and I see a little bit of smoke that's going up."

The tarot session culminates with Evelyn drawing the 'star' card, symbolising change. Chris interprets this as a sign of unrest among the spirits, "After Evelyn drew the star card signifying 'change,' the tower has lit up with activity." The team theories that the spirits, particularly those of Lady Roche and the hag, are disturbed by the prospect of the castle's sale.

As the episode concludes, the team reflects on the heightened paranormal activity. Evelyn shares her theory, "We know the building's being sold, and so if you were trapped here all those years later in the afterlife, then you would be afraid because somebody could buy this place and you don't know what's going to happen."

The team concludes that the spirits of Lady Roche and the hag might be collaborating to protect their home, driven by fear of the castle's impending sale.

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