Most Haunted S01E15: Charleville Forest Castle, Tullamore - Full Episode

September 03, 2002 9:16 PM ‐ Most HauntedParanormalTelevision

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Most Haunted At Charleville Forest Castle
Yvette Fielding and the team visit Charleville Castle, a 17th-century Gothic home in Co Offaly, Ireland, owned by an American family that claims to have some uninvited guests.

The castle is locate in the centre of Ireland near the town of Tullamore, it was built by Charles William Bury in the 1700s over the top of an ancient druid burial ground, where people were buried alive to stop the spread of the plague. There is a labyrinth of dungeons beneath the castle, but what they were used for is not clear. Screams and cries have been heard coming from the empty dungeons at night.

Many people over the years have encountered ghostly apparition, glowing lights, and noises. Often the sounds of ghostly laughter to terrified screams. The current owners, the O'Bonnie family who moved here from the US, have experienced disembodied voices in all but empty rooms and the apparition of children have been seen on the stairs, where supposedly a young girl once fell to her death. One visitors even reported seeing a group of druids surrounding her bed on the night of the winter solstice.

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Before the investigation even started the team experienced plenty of strange goings on. The crew's caterer Andrea Leach was in the kitchen when a rubbish bag began swinging on its own. Makeup lady Marcelle Lipman witnessed a clicking sound and the lights turning on by themselves. Parapsychologist Jason Karl went to the bathroom only to find the bathroom door slam closed behind him, and producer Karl Beattie also witnessed a door open and close of its own accord.

The show's resident psychic medium, Derek Acorah never knows in advance where he's going to be visiting. Upon his arrival, he picked up on the spirits of a soldiers and a former owner, Charles Moore. In the dungeon, Derek felt as if an angry spirit had taken a swipe at him, and on the staircase he picked up on the spirit of Charles William Bury, but failed to pick up on the spirit of the little girl who tragically died here.

Up on the highest battlements Derek picked up on the spirit of a priest, while Yvette experienced something odd, her torch suddenly vibrated for no apparent reason.

The team then moved to the library where they held a Victorian-style séance complete with bells and candles to entice spirits into the room, and a mirror, which was thought to be a portal to another realm. Jason encouraged the team to link hands, this is said to focus everyone's energy and also eliminate the possibility of foul play as everyone's hands are accounted for.

Jason lead the séance, calling out to the spirits and occasionally ringing the bell, while walking around the rest of the group who were sat around the table. Jason then noticed the flame on the candle nearest the mirror flickering erratically as if in a strong wind, at one point it looked as it it was almost blown out. During the séance, Jason also experienced something tickling his ear.

Weirdly, Yvette was then lead upstairs by Jason to a corridor where Rick Fielding and Karl pushed a false wall towards her. Jason said it was an experiment to see "how much disbelief you can make the human mind go through." It didn't really make sense and Yvette didn't really fall for it, despite initially letting out an almighty scream.

As punishment, Rick and Karl were sent down to investigate the dungeon, and Rick experienced something touching his head in the same part of the dungeon where Derek was hit earlier in the investigation.

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