A Night With The Ghosts Of Chillingham

October 31, 2021 2:47 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Dead Air in October 2021.

Chillingham is regarded as the most haunted place in the UK, and it known internationally because of its ghosts.

The hauntings at Chillingham stem back centuries, and it’s stories go back long before TV or the internet were invented and before ghost hunting was the commercially driven business that it is today.

The activity reported at Chillingham is from full bodies apparitions, disembodied voices, being overcome by powerful emotions, cold spots, doors opening and closing and even a curse on those that disrespect Chillingham.

Chillingham is a place I love going back to, and this one was the first lone investigation there.

0:00 - Intro

0:59 - History and stories of Chillingham Castle

12:07 - The Lake

21:36 - The Devil’s Mile

28:13 - The Monk’s Trail & Hanging Trees

35:45 - The Still Room

43:07 - The Dungeon & Oubliette

56:45 - The Chapel

57:08 - SLS Camera Walk around

1:02:30 - The Courtyard

1:07:43 - The Grey Apartment

About Dead Air

Dead Air was formed in 2009 by University friends Rob Davies and Chris Felton, originally as a radio show in Newcastle based FM station, NE1fm. The show originally was based around encouraging callers to talk about their own experiences and opinions on the paranormal, as well as monthly live broadcasts from some of the North East's scariest places.

Chris works alongside Alan Robson, the host of Metro Radio's Nightowls and Sky TV's 'Scariest Places on Earth', and plans to make a full return to the show in 2021. Rob has been a radio presenter with NE1fm on the music scene, but is now 100% committed to creating paranormal content for the channel.

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