Alone In Terrifying Sutro Ghost Town

May 30, 2022 5:10 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Twin Paranormal in May 2022.

This haunted abandoned house has some of the most terrifying poltergeist activity we have ever captured on camera.

The Ghost Town:

For almost 100 years this place has been abandoned and left to the spirits that still live here. This town was once a popular place because of the Sutro Tunnel that was designed to drain water from the mines of Virginia City. Over the years countless people would lose their lives inside this tunnel as well as in the town… This place was extremely dangerous at the time and the families of the miners would be left to fend for themselves afterwards. The home we investigated was used by many people during the time this place was active, from families and children to women and miners themselves. With so much energy in this house its no wonder it is the most haunted house in this town, and most people can’t stay inside for long…

About Twin Paranormal

Ryan and River are twins who say they've always had something fallowing them. It all started in Reno NV when their parents moved them into a creepy old three-storey house. Rather than being scarred for life, the experience gave the brothers a passion for the paranormal, and now with the help of Nik and Wyatt, they've taken it upon themselves to find ultimate proof of the paranormal.

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