The Shadows Of War: Haunted Woods

April 04, 2018 6:01 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Soul Reaper Paranormal in April 2018.

Tonight Soul Reaper Paranormal travel to a former world war 1 army training camp in Barnsley.

This place is infested with spirits and from the moment we begin our investigation paranormal activity seemed to occur.

On this paranormal investigation we go in search of a railway guard who is said to haunt the area after he fell down an abandoned mine shaft one day on his way to work.

There are tales of a child also drowning in the fishing pond which now lays silent deep within these woods.

Over the years there has also been sightings of a large black cat in the area and this is something we were all excited about but also very nervous at the same time.

These woods are big, who knows whats inside.

About Soul Reaper Paranormal

Soul Reaper Paranormal is a paranormal YouTube channel, which aims to delve into the world of all things related to ghosts, demons and the afterlife. The team's main objective is to provide subscribers with regular, relevant content related to this field and along the way they hope to build up a strong, loyal fan base who will help them on their journey into the unknown.

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