Amble Pier's Phantom Monk

Amble Pier, Northumberland

Morpeth, Northumberland

Amble is a small fishing town on the Northumberland coast. It is sheltered from the violent North Sea by two connected piers that serve as breakwaters. According to local legend, it's a bad omen to see the phantom figure of a monk walking along the pier.

Although not well documented, the story has been recounted by British standup comedian, paranormal investigator and podcast host, Barry Dodds. Barry said, "when I was younger I used to spend all my summer holidays up at a place called Amble in Northumberland and my cousin used to tell me ghost stories and he use to scare the life out of me. There's a pier in Amble, and he used to tell me about this monk that used to walk on the pier, and if any of the fisherman saw him it was a bad omen."

The paranormal podcast host added, "I never saw it, but it terrified me to this day. Even as an adult when I've been there and I'm at the pub I walk back a different way so I don't walk by the pier."

Amble Pier Map

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