Chavenage Manor

January 18, 2022
Chavenage Manor, Gloucestershire

Tetbury, Gloucestershire

Chavenage House, near Tetbury, is enveloped in the haunting legend of Colonel Nathaniel Stephens, linked to the English Civil War. The legend tells of a spectral black coach, driven by a headless coachman, appearing at the house upon Nathaniel's death. According to the story, Nathaniel's ghost climbed into the coach, which then sped away, presumably as retribution for his involvement in the execution of King Charles I. This event is said to have been witnessed by every owner of Chavenage since then, accompanied by ghostly happenings and cold chills.

The house, built in 1576, became a significant location during the Civil War. Colonel Stephens, initially hesitant to support the execution of King Charles I, was eventually persuaded by Henry Ireton, a leading Parliamentarian and son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell. Stephens' decision, however, was met with fury by his daughter, Abigail, upon her return. She cursed her father, leading to his untimely illness and death. Following his death, the legend of the spectral coach emerged, symbolizing his betrayal of the King.

Chavenage House has since been associated with various paranormal occurrences. The room where Cromwell reportedly slept is known for ghostly events, leading to a visitor fleeing in terror. Despite an exorcism, some still feel an unnerving chill in the room. Other sightings include a 'grey lady,' a mysterious lifting of a heavy bed, and a ghostly monk in the chapel. Even the house's dogs seem to react to unseen presences, adding to the eerie atmosphere of this historic house.

Chavenage Manor Map

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