The Black Country Living Museum - Haunted History

Most Haunted At Black Country Living Museum

Dudley, West Midlands

The Black Country Living opened in 1978, much of the site is said to be haunted included the school house. The museum celebrates the Black Country's important role in the industrial revolution as one of the greatest iron producers in the world. Most of the buildings on the site have been rebuilt here having been moved brick by brick from across the area.

Visitors and staff have reported a wide range of paranormal activity at the museum, including strange nosies, the sound of footsteps, and the voices of children in the old school house. The site is said to be home to four apparitions.

The school made it into celebrity ghost hunter, Yvette Fielding's ten scariest moments from the television show 'Most Haunted'. Her and her team investigated the school building in 2015. At one point, Yvette her husband Karl Beattie were given the fright of their lives when they carried out a vigil in a pitch black classroom. The pair experienced furniture moving in front of their eyes and even the bench they were sat on moved beneath them.

Yvette spoke about her experience after shooting the episode, "it was extraordinary. I was scared but at the same time mesmerised. That is a very active place that is haunted. However, it was not negative. It's my belief they're children who simply want to play."

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