Britain's Favourite Paranormal Magazine Is Going Stateside

March 17, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

This article is more than three years old and was last updated in October 2021.

The UK's favourite paranormal mag, Haunted Magazine, will spread its reach to new audience in the US, thanks to a deal that will see it on the shelves of hundreds of Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Haunted Magazine
Ahead of the release of their 30th edition of Haunted Magazine, the team behind the award-winning publication have announced plans to expand their reach into America.

The magazine announced on its Facebook that future editions of Haunted Magazine will be available in over 500 Barnes & Noble store across the United States, subject to a three issue trial.

Paul Stevenson, editor of Haunted Magazine and co-director of Dead Good Publishing said, "we are so excited that from issue 30 of Haunted Magazine, B&N will be stocking Haunted where we hope to reach out to a new audience who maybe unaware of Haunted Magazine."

Barnes & Noble is one of the biggest booksellers in the US, with the largest number of retail outlets spanning all 50 states. From July 1 they'll be stocking copies of the British magazine.

Haunted Magazine is a must-read for any fan of the paranormal. Each well designed issue covers the full ghostly spectrum, from articles about the latest trends in paranormal investigation to interviews with the stars of ghost hunting television shows, and supernatural movie news.

In the announcement Paul gives thanks to the "brilliant team of writers" who support the magazine and make it what it is. All of their great content is brought to life by the world-class design skills of Andy Soar, the co-director of Dead Good Publishing, who works alongside Paul and the team of writers to put together each edition.

Andy Soar said, "Paul's right, this is a team effort that has helped secured this massive step for Haunted. We feel that Haunted is in the right place for this to happen and to succeed. It gives us the chance to reach out to people who may or may not be aware of Haunted and who may stumble across Haunted by accident."

The magazine is already available digitally worldwide, and here in the UK and in America in physical print as a one-off purchase or annual subscription via

The team have been pushing the boundaries of the publication over the last few years. A recent edition celebrating the release of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's 'Truth Seekers' featured a pull-out for the very first time. 'The White Sheet' pull-out was a re-creation of the fictional magazine that features in the Amazon Prime series.

The team continued the trend in the first edition of 2021 by giving readers a bonus 'UFO Today' pull-out magazine - a timely supplement reflecting the growing buzz around UFOs which seems to be re-emerging within the paranormal community within the last few months.

Adam Long, director of I-Can Publisher Services, who helped with the deal, was quoted in the announcement post. He said, "I'm excited to announce Barnes & Noble the bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States have agreed to stock Haunted magazine, from issue #30 and it will be on-sale across the USA from July 2021. The acceptance of Haunted Magazine is of testament to the superb unique editorial content, backed up by the excellent design from start to finish. I have every confidence Haunted magazine will be a great addition to Barnes & Noble's extensive range, allowing the US audience to further experience this award-winning paranormal magazine."

Issue 30 of Haunted Magazine will be available in Barnes & Noble stores across the USA from July 1 and will start a three issue trial to see if this works for all parties.

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