HauntedLIVE Announce New Fairly Priced Events Where Guests Pay What They Can Afford To Attend

October 06, 2022 8:00 PM ‐ Paranormal

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HauntedLIVE live have unveiled plans to a host a series of affordable 'Goodwill Ghosthunting' giving paranormal enthusiasts the chance to socialise while only paying what they can afford to attend.

Goodwill Ghosthunts
Times are hard and that's why HauntedLIVE are turning ghost hunting on its head. The team want to make paranormal events more affordable and accessible, especially for those who need some companionship and company, albeit in a spooky setting. To do this they're letting guests decide how much they want to pay to attend.

Ghost hunting is a passion of the team's. It's something they've done for many years now and they always enjoyed the buzz, the vibe, the craic as much (if not more) than the 'search for the spooks'. There's something special about meeting up with friends, making new ones and enjoying a few hours in an alleged haunted location.

HauntedLIVE are Jason Wall, Simon Powell, Andy Soar and Paul Stevenson - four ghost hunters and friends who visit haunted locations in search of spooks who have become known for their midweek ghost hunting events and get togethers.

HauntedLIVE have run a few events over the years, although they admit they're not really a paranormal events company, they leave that to the big teams who know what they are doing. HauntedLIVE aren't keen on having a set schedule, a set itinerary, a set routine on events. In fact they'll usually tell guests, that 'anything, everything and nothing can happen'.

They've long thought about the costs of paranormal events and, if you've ever attended one of their events, you'll know that they always try to make it as cost effective for people as possible. HauntedLIVE say that it has always been more important for them to meet up, have a laugh, put the paranormal world to rights and do a spot of paranormal investigating.

HauntedLIVE know as well as the rest of us that the world has changed, we all know that we are in a much different place than we were back in the early days of 2020. A lot of people have struggled for many reasons and continue to do so. HauntedLIVE acknowledge that they can even see this change in their own little paranormal bubble of friends and followers. We all see the social media posts, we all see the cries for help but sometimes it's the things we don't see from people that are worrying.

HauntedLIVE and the closely affiliate Haunted Magazine, which are both run by Paul and Andy, have promoted the awareness of many charities over the years – none more so than CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably. It's heartbreaking to read people's stories and 18 people commit suicide in the UK every day. It's 18 too many, and when it hits close to home, someone you know, it hits you even more.

The team says that the events they have organised and attended over the years have shown them that by engaging with others, by talking and sharing with others it can actually help people, even if it brings that feel-good factor to people. Every little helps.

"Listen, we are no experts, and we'll always point people in the right direction should that level of help be required but we've seen, first hand, very recently how much talking, communicating and sharing can inspire and help," say HauntedLIVE.

With all this in mind the team realised the importance of meeting up and chatting and talking, they're changing the format of their existing midweek events at the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley and announcing their new 'Goodwill Ghosthunting' events. They want to encourage people to come join them, to come join in, to come have a chat, have a drink and come do a spot of ghost hunting. For those thinking how good that sounds but it's something that they can't afford, they need not worry as these new fair-priced events will be on the principle of pay what you want – YES – if you can't afford to ghost hunt but love to ghost hunt, you can go join them, have a chat, have a drink and investigate at one of the great locations out there.

"We realise that this is only a tiny statement in the mental health issues and cost of living crisis that a lot of us are experiencing but we want to help," say HauntedLIVE, "we want to get people talking and chatting and communicating and we can hope that it may just offer comfort and help in any way shape or form."

Keep watching HauntedLIVE's socials for more information where they plan to get the dates set and announced as quickly as they can, but if you are interested in attending you can get in touch with the team by emailing goodwill@hauntedmagazine.co.uk.
HauntedLIVE Goodwill Ghosthunting


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