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April 06, 2020 6:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Haunted Graveyard
If you're missing the chance to explore haunted locations at the weekends due to the restrictions on movement we've been asked to follow due to the coronavirus outbreak, then the next best thing might be to take a virtual walking tour of some of the UK's most interesting paranormal hotspots.

We've handpicked a few video tours to help get you through the lockdown, you can watch them in full below.

Haunted York Ghost Walk

Dorian Deathly is a ghost walk tour guide who works in York, one of the most haunted cities in the whole country. After finding himself temporarily out of work due to the restriction on public gatherings due to COVID-19, Dorian decided to put his knowledge of York's ghosts to use and hosted an online tour.

Let Dorian take you on a tour of some of York's haunted hotspots, and if you enjoy it, why not send him a tip on PayPal.

Walking Haunted London

Marek Larwood, the guy behind the excellent YouTube channel Cool Dudes Walking Club, has embarked on a series of spooky walks around the nation's capital, based on paranormal historian Richard Jones' book 'Walking Haunted London'.

There's five walks in total which are all equally as funny, entertaining and interesting.

Taking in Waterlow Park, Lauderdale House, Highgate Cemetery, the Flask and the Gatehouse.

Taking in Church Row, the Spaniards, Hampstead Heath and the Flask Pub and trying to spot famous ghosts such as that of Highwayman Dick Turpin.

Tracking down ghosts in Lincoln's Inn, Red Lion Square and finally the legendary unlucky Mummy at the British Museum. 

A visit to the Inner Temple and Fleet Street in search of ghosts, as well as visiting the fictional setting of Demon Barber Sweeney Todd.

Taking in horrors of Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace and the most haunted house in all of London the infamous 50 Berkeley Square.

Drakelow Tunnels Video Tour

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The tunnels near Kidderminster were originally excavated to house the Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory where Rover produced aircraft parts for the Air Ministry, after the Second World War it was refitted and put on standby during the Cold War as a bunker for the local government.

The tunnels are believed to have been built under an ancient hill fort which had its own graveyard where hundreds of bodies were buried. During the tunnelling the dead were disturbed and as a result a "demon guardian" of the burial ground is said to take a disliking to anyone who enters the tunnels.

This video gives you the chance to explore the vast network of tunnels from the comfort of your own sofa. For the ultra-bored there's an extended two-and-a-half-hour version.

The Paris Catacombs

The Catacombs - Paris, France

Now you can explore the labyrinth of ancient stone mines under the street of Paris for yourself. Navigate your way around the underground world that holds the remains of more than six million people. The tunnels were created in the 18th century to ease the pressure on the city's overflowing cemeteries. The catacombs usually open to the public, but are closed due to the current situation, instead its owners are giving you the chance to explore it online. Don't get lost!

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

As the Winchester Mystery House in California has been forced to close its doors to visitors, the haunted tourist attraction is giving people the chance to see inside the unusual house in a video tour. The house is said to be the most haunted in the US, and dates back to the 1800s when Sarah Winchester, a famous firearm manufacturer's widow, was told by a medium to go to San Jose and build a house for the spirits who fell victim to the Winchester arms or else she will be haunted by them for the rest of her life.

Video Tour Of The Cage, Essex

The Cage in the sleepy Essex village of St. Osyth is an unassuming two bedroom cottage with a dark and sinister past, which has lead to ongoing reports of paranormal activity within its walls.

The Cage, which is situated 60 miles from London in the heart of rural Essex, earned its nickname due to its historical use as a holding cell for witches in the 16th century. The house is one of only seven similar medieval cages left in the country and this is the only one with a house attached to it.

When the house was put up for sale in 2019, the estate agent produced a video tour of the quirky property.

Chillingham Castle Ghosts, Torture Chamber & Dungeon

Chillingham Castle currently holds the accolade of the most haunted hotel in Great Britain, and best of all, you can stay there and experience it for yourself, as the medieval castle in Northumberland is now a hotel.

Paranormal explorer Amy from the YouTube channel Amy's Crypt investigated what gives the historic site its haunted reputation. Amy takes you on an in-depth tour of the castle and its surrounding grounds, as she re-tells stories of Chillingham's ghosts. 

The Kelvedon Hatch: Secret Nuclear Bunker Virtual Walk

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker is the largest and deepest cold war bunker open to the public in South East England. It's normally offers self-guided tours to visitors as a museum, but like most other businesses at the moment it is closed. Until the bunker re-opens its blast doors, why not take a virtual tour with the bunker's owner, Mike Parrish.

The three-level bunker was built 40 meters below a purpose-built bungalow hidden in a wood near Brentwood in Essex. A secret corridor leads from the bungalow into the bunker. It has many historical items remaining intact including a BBC studio.

A 360° View of Dover Castle

Join English Heritage on a 360° video tour of Dover Castle in Kent. Learn about the haunted castle's long history and discover its key attractions, from its Roman lighthouse and Anglo Saxon Church, to King Henry II's Great Tower and its secret war tunnels, where Operation Dynamo, the dramatic rescue of soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk, was orchestrated during the Second World War.

Exploring HM Shepton Mallet Prison

The grade II listed prison in Somerset, also known as Cornhill was the oldest operating prison in the UK when it closed in 2013. At this time it was home to almost 200 inmates serving the final years of their life sentences. With almost 400 years of detaining murderers, violent criminals and notorious gangsters, plus a history of brutal executions, cruel punishments, suicides, and countless dead in unmarked graves within the prison walls, it's no wonder HMP Shepton Mallet is said to be the most haunted prison in the country.

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