How To Confirm A Demonic Presence

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Possessed Demon Nun
A demon is a non-human entity, they are blame for demonic hauntings and possession, but it can be hard to determine if the activity is truly a result of a demonic entity or not. Not all possessions are demonic, they may be the result of malevolent human spirits, which aren't as powerful as demons. The same applies for hauntings, it's difficult to know if you are dealing with an evil human spirit or a demon.

To make it even harder to work out, demons will often lie about who are what they are to avoid detections and some paranormal investigators think that human spirits will sometimes pretend to be demons to make themselves appear more powerful and more terrifying.

Demonic haunting are very similar to poltergeist hauntings, they are both characterised by physical movement as well as the manipulation of the environment around the entity. They are also dealt with in the same way, exorcists are brought in to try to help both move them on.

In demonic cases the activity usually starts out slowly and in a playful manner, but increases in intensity, slowly becoming more and more malicious. During a paranormal investigation it's always wise to evaluate every encounter to determine whether it's a spirit or a demon, especially if the entity claims to be the ghost of a child, this tends to be a common cover story for demons.


Ouija Board Seance

During a Ouija board session, demons can often be detected by mischievous behaviour, through inconsistent answers or blatant lies. Usually when starting a session, you call out to any spirits that might be present, "is there anybody there?" After a while you should see the planchette move across the board, hopefully towards "yes", but sometimes the planchette moves to "no", this is said to be a strong indication that you've encountered a demon. Another sign is when you ask a spirit its age and the planchette moves to the number zero on the board. There may also be cases where a demon simply introduces itself as such through the board.

It's not just Ouija boards through which demons make their presence known, but through all forms of spirit communications especially when using electronic means to record spirit voices.

Two common devices used for this purpose are digital audio recorders and spirit boxes. Audio recorders are used to try to capture Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), the spirit voices are not heard at the time but when reviewing the audio any EVPs may be present.

A spirit box rapidly scans through the AM, MW and FM radio spectrum, as it does fleeting bursts of white noise and static can be heard. Spirit boxes usually have various setting which allow you to tweak which bands the device scans through and how much of each frequency step you hear, this usually ranges from a hundredth of a second up to a second. Just like with audio recorders, you should be able to hear EVPs amongst this white noise, however the answer will be audible in realtime.

Whichever method you are using, you should call out to any spirits that might present and encourage them to come forward, talk to you, and answer you questions. If using a record leave a gap for the spirit to answer, or when using a spirit box listen for their answers within the noise of the spirit box, ideally a response which spans across several steps of the frequency scan.

When reviewing the audio from a recorder or listening to responses through a spirit box it's not uncommon to hear voices in the audio answering questions, but if the voice sounds gruff, deep or animalistic then you may have encountered a demon. Demons are also sometimes captured in EVPs as growls.

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Types Of Hauntings

If a demon attaches itself to a house, an object within a house or a person in the household, then the results will be the same, the household will experience haunting phenomenon which closely resembles the activity you'd expect in a poltergeist case. Those living in the house may feel a general sense of discomfort or dread, witness objects moving and event see apparitions.

It can be very difficult to determine if this activity is the result of a demon or just a malevolent spirit, but here are a few ways to help you decide.

In demonic hauntings the entity often starts by ensuring the environment is safe for them, unfortunately this might result in the sudden and unexpected death pets. It's believed that this is because pets are often thought to have some perception of spirit world and could therefore potentially warn their owner of a demonic presence.

You may also find that protective or spiritual items are destroyed or inexplicably lost, traditionally this would have just been religious objects such as a crucifix, bible or rosaries, but in the modern day could be anything that is charged with positive energy in order to offer protection such as sentimental jewellery or good luck charms.

In demonic hauntings activity usually happens in threes or sixes, for example you might hear six knocks or find three scratch marks on a wall. They also result negativity between family members or friends, which increases and lead to arguments, fights, and general discord.

As with poltergeist hauntings, demonic attachments often centres around one person and the entity often poses as a child, especially when the victim is a child themselves. This may be explained away as an imaginary friend to start with, but eventually the demon may begin to show itself to others in the household. One thing to look out for if a demon does manifest is its movement. Even if it is visible as nothing more than a shadowy mass, demons are said to usually move from left to right across a field of view.

Other signs to look out for include entire homes or rooms are ransacked even though nothing has been taken and writing on walls or other places in the building. In extreme cases victims may awaken at night to a feeling of being held down in bed, and then upon waking, discovering unexplained bruises or scratches on their body.


The Possession

There are a few possibilities when it comes to confirming a demonic possession. Firstly there maybe no possession at all, the alleged possession could be a result of mental illness, dilution or nothing more the a faked incident. These possibilities should obviously all be considered when diagnosing a case. Secondly, the case might not be demonic in nature and could just be a spirit walk-in or another type of spirit attachment. Third and finally, it could be a genuine case of demonic possession.

It's said that the easiest way to confirm whether a possession is demonic is to use a protective item without the victim being aware. We'll explore protective items more in a later topic, but this can be any object which is charge with positive energy or has religious significance, or holy water if that has meaning to you.

You should hold the protective item behind the head of the possessed without them knowing to see if they react. If they are truly a demonic entity then they should react to its proximity. You can also try using regular items, if the possession is real then they will not react to an item that isn't blessed or empowered in some way. If using holy water, try sprinkling regular tap water and blessed water over the victim to see how they react.

Signs that someone is possessed are that the person does not blink, they may become withdrawn and start to pull away from their family and friends, and lose interest in their usual hobbies, interests and commitments. They may also become emotional intensity, specifically in the form of anger directed to those around them.

Also look out for unexplained marks on the body such as scratches, bites and bruises, especially if they are in places where the victim shouldn't be able to inflict those injuries on themselves.

They may also show inexplicable signs of illness and weakness of either the body and mind. Signs off this might include weight loss, hair loss, change in skin tone, loss of appetite, vomiting, and loss of energy. Contrary to this, those who are possessed are sometimes said to have extreme strength beyond their normal abilities.

One other indication is that a demon might start to communicate through the possessed and identify itself as a demon.

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