Halloween Television Audience Figures 2018

November 12, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevisionHalloween

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Halloween Television 2018
Which paranormal shows generated the most scares over the Halloween period this year? The final viewing figures are in for the nights leading up to October 31st 2018.

If you're a fan of paranormal television, then there was plenty to keep you amused over Halloween, including Really channel's '13 Nights Of Frights' that saw the return of 'Most Haunted', a new series of 'Ghost Adventures' and the television premiere of Zak Bagans' documentary movie, 'Demon House'.

The big winner for Halloween 2018 was Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's live Halloween special of 'Inside No. 9'. The half-hour-long live show aired on the Sunday before Halloween and pulled in 730k live viewers on the night. The special tricked viewers into thinking there were technical issues in the haunted studios they were broadcasting from. The fake broadcast troubles apparently fooled a fifth of the audience into switching off after just ten minutes, after viewers were left thinking the technical issues were real, but those who stuck around were in for a treat.

The big battle this Halloween was between ghost hunting heavy weights, 'Most Haunted' and 'Ghost Adventures'. Both shows aired each night on Really in the run-up to Halloween. Over the 13 nights it was the first episode of the new series of 'Most Haunted' that came out on top. The episode was filmed "as-live" at Ashwell Prison in Rutland.

All together, in the top ten shows of the 13 nights, 'Most Haunted' took seven of the top spots and averaged 280k viewers per episode, compared to 230k per episode for 'Ghost Adventures'. Overall, Zak Bagans' 'Ghost Adventures' brought in more viewers as there were 13 new episodes shown over Halloween, compared to just ten for 'Most Haunted'.

On the ten nights when new episodes of both shows aired, 'Most Haunted' came out on top on each of the ten nights. As well as the ten new episodes, two repeated 'Most Haunted' Halloween specials from previous years made it in to the list of top shows.

But the big winner for Really was Bagans' documentary, 'Demon House', which aired on the channel on the night of Halloween. The film follows Zak's investigation of a reputedly haunted home in Gary, Indiana and has been previously unavailable to fans in the UK.

Below are this year's Halloween specials ranked by audience figures. These figures are based on BARB's official four-screen audience figures consolidated over seven days and taking into account live viewing on television sets, PC/laptop, tablets and smartphones, as well as cross-platform "on demand" and catch-up views.
Rank Title Date Views
1 Inside No. 9 Sun 28th October 730,000
2 Demon House Wed 31st October 361,849
3 Most Haunted
Episode 1
Fri 19th October 345,474
4 Most Haunted
Episode 7
Thu 25th October 307,193
5 Most Haunted
Episode 10
Sun 28th October 307,171
6 Most Haunted
Episode 9
Sat 27th October 300,931
7 Most Haunted
Episode 8
Fri 26th October 298,102
8 Ghost Adventures
Episode 1
Fri 19th October 290,784
9 Most Haunted
Episode 6
Wed 24th October 279,563
10 Ghost Adventures
Episode 7
Thu 25th October 279,514
11 Most Haunted
Episode 4
Mon 22nd October 274,095
12 Ghost Adventures
Episode 13
Wed 31st October 268,005
13 Most Haunted
Episode 3
Sun 21st October 262,491
14 Most Haunted Halloween 2016
Mon 29th October 252,444
15 Ghost Adventures
Episode 4
Mon 22nd October 245,663
16 Ghost Adventures
Episode 8
Fri 26th October 241,944
17 Most Haunted
Episode 5
Tue 23rd October 232,809
18 Ghost Adventures
Episode 12
Tue 30th October 229,239
19 Ghost Adventures
Episode 6
Wed 24th October 227,983
20 Ghost Adventures
Episode 11
Mon 29th October 219,138
21 Most Haunted
Episode 2
Sat 20th October 215,143
22 Ghost Adventures
Episode 3
Sun 21st October 213,125
23 Most Haunted Halloween 2017
Tue 30th October 209,075
24 Ghost Adventures
Episode 9
Sat 27th October 206,956
25 Ghost Adventures
Episode 10
Sun 28th October 206,795
26 Ghost Adventures
Episode 5
Tue 23rd October 206,768
27 Ghost Adventures
Episode 2
Sat 20th October 180,884

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