Phillip & Holly Meet A Former Greggs Worker Who Gave Up Sausage Rolls To Become A Demonologist

October 26, 2021 2:26 PM ‐ DemonologyTelevision

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Kelly Angel, Demonologist
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With Halloween just around the corner, 'This Morning' introduced viewers to Kelly Angel, a former Greggs worker who swapped sausage rolls for rosary beads and demonology.

The full time demonologist appeared on the famous sofas in the ITV studios alongside hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Tuesday.

Kelly, who says she can see and hear demons, told the host how she got started in this unusual profession, "someone came to me for a reading and he had marks round his neck, and I thought 'god, this man really needs help'. And I ended up clearing his house."

Of course by this, Kelly means that she performed a cleansing ritual to drive away the demons. She said, "I never knew I was able to do it until I'd done it, and I come back and I thought 'oh my god, how did I know what to do?'"

Holly asked what we were all thinking, "so, how did you know?" The demonologist explained, "I just knew, but I think it's more to do with past-life training."

Kelly says that she understands demons so well having dealt with them in her past lives, she told Phillip and Holly, "in four of my lifetimes I was actually a Satanist, so I worshipped demons in past lives." We'll just gloss over the fact that Satanists don't actually worship the Devil, demons or evil, but she continues, "now my job is to fight the dark side."

After realising she had this skill, Kelly left the safety of the pasty shop counter and has embarked on a journey that she says has seen her hurled across a room by a dark entity and even resulted in her having her own demonic attachment.

Describing what a demon actually is, the former pasty merchant said, "you've got angels and you've got demons, you've got heaven and hell." Phillip wants clarification, "is a demon a fallen angel?" To which the demon expert says, "yes."

Kelly, who doesn't charge for her services, says that there are tell-tale signs of demonic infestation. She lists them as, "you'll start feeling something going wrong, you'll get a run of bad luck, you may feel very snappy within yourself, quite depressed, bad thoughts, nightmares - all this goes on to the dark energy side of things."

Holly, seeming a little bit worried, says that some of these things are quite normal, but Kelly reassures her that "you will know." She says, "it's more severe than your normal being in a bad mood."

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Kelly Angel, Demonologist

Kelly then explains the actual process of her work to the fascinated presenters, "my job is to go in, and what we do is collect it all. It all goes back to my house." She casually adds, "when I go home, I open the gates of hell, and take the dark energy down."

A concerned Phillip asks if Kelly's neighbours know about this, she replied, "yeah, I open the gates of hell about five or six times a day."

Addressing the worry that these entities might come back up, Kelly explains, "oh, they come back up, cuz people use Ouija boards and things like that and bring dark energy back up."

But why do these entities need banishing to hell when most of us go about our daily lives without even knowing they exist? Well, Kelly explains how serious it can be, "the objective of a demon is to take you out, because as soon as you take your life they can drag your soul down."

Phillip, wanted to question the more serious side of all of this. He raised the concern, "if you have mental health issues and if you are really struggling in some way, rather than seek professional help for it, you might think 'ugh, I've got a demon stuck on my back'." But Kelly said, "I have worked with people that are with psychologists and psychiatrists and I'm the one that's changed them around, because it's the dark energy that's causing the problems."

Phillip then asked the all important question for this time of year, "are there more demons around at Halloween?" Kelly said, "people like to do things like Ouija boards on Halloween, when you're using a Ouija board you're calling from down up, so you're more likely to call up a demon."

Kelly goes on to plead viewers not to use Ouija boards, she says, "they're the most dangerous tool you can use." She adds, "there's a particular demon called Zozo that comes through the Ouija board and if you pull out that demon you're going to get really in trouble."

It's nice to see 'This Morning' getting in to the spirit of Halloween, but here at Higgypop HQ we can't help thinking that Kelly might have been better off sticking in the bakery, because she's potentially quite dangerous.

There's no harm in getting guests like this on the show, it's entertaining after all, but the hosts should grill her a little more when they come on the show and present their beliefs as fact, because as Phillip hinted at, a lot of the people she thinks she's helping probably need professional help.

Kelly also seems a little bit clueless about her beliefs. For example, Kelly says that she was a Satanist in her previous life and worshipped demons. Satanists don't worship demons, they are atheists who rebel against religion, so therefore don't believe in the religious notion of demons and angels.

Then she talks about the demon, Zozo, which only emerged for the first time fairly recently in an episode of the American ghost hunting series, 'Ghost Adventures', but despite this Kelly warns, "it could take your life."

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