Red Dwarf 30th Anniversary Quiz

February 11, 2018 6:00 AM

This article is more than six years old.

Red Dwarf - Starbug
Three million years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf... but how much you remember of the ship's journey has the Boys From The Dwarf try to return home?

The cult sitcom turns 30 this month, so to celebrate I'm giving you the chance to prove that you can beat the geek and earn the title of a Red Dwarf genius.

If you're ready 20 question that will make you scream "oh smeg" await. But remember, learning drug and mind-patches are strictly prohibited.

1. In 'Queeg', Rimmer tells Holly he's as much use as what?

2. What type of radiation leaked killed the crew of Red Dwarf?

Red Dwarf - The Cat

3. Cat believed he had to keep his eyes skinned for an asteroid shaped like what?

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4. In Red Dwarf XII, what is prohibited and punishable on the spaceship SS Enconium?

5. After having his head used as a battering ram to smash through 53 doors, what did Kryten call Lister?

6. Which "groovy funky" channel had a hologramatic news reader?

Red Dwarf - Dave Lister

7. In series one, Lister's Confidence is impressed by his performance of which song?

8. What was the Cat's character name in the AR game the crew entered in 'Gunmen Of The Apocalypse?'

9. Which of these was not one of the crew's alter-egos in 'Back To Reality?'

10. What was the name of the ship where the crew discovered Kryten?

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Red Dwarf - Holly & Hilly

11. What fictional ailment did Holly pick up in 'Parallel Universe?'

12. In 'Beyond A Joke,' Kryten meets his production brother, Able, but what mechanoid narcotic was he addicted to?

13. Which scientist invented the positive viruses luck and sexual magnetism?

14. Where did Rimmer go on a rambling holiday with two skutters?

Red Dwarf - Kryten

15. Where should you send Kryten after spinning his nipple nuts?

16. Which emotion did Lister have sucked out of him by the Polymorph?

17. Lister designed a special type of triple fried egg sandwich after reading a book on bacteriological warfare, which of this was not an ingredient?

18. Who does The Cat turn to for help when he's trying to find out if Chinese whispers is racist?

Red Dwarf - Arnold Rimmer

19. What was the shape of Rimmer's deathday cake?

20. Who could outrun Starbug according to Lister?


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