'Travel The Dead' At 1912 Historic Hoover House - Part Two

March 29, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal

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Katrina Weidman & Heather Taddy - Travel The Dead: Historic Hoover House
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In the latest episode of Katrina Weidman's web series 'Travel the Dead,' she and co-host Heather Taddy invite audiences to follow their overnight paranormal investigation into the mysteries of the 1912 Historic Hoover House in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

The Hoover House, with its tragic past, is a fitting location for the investigation. Originally built as a private residence by Ira Hoover, the house has a dark history. Ira passed away in the Holzer Suite, and his daughter Eleanor suffered the same fate 13 years later in the same room. Since then, the house has changed hands multiple times and even served as a long-term care facility.

In the previous episode, Katrina sought the help of renowned medium Michelle Belanger. Conducting a remote psychic reading via video call, Michelle provided valuable insights to aid the investigation. Armed with this information, Katrina and Heather embarked on their ghostly exploration.

Part two of the investigation kicks off with the duo in the basement attempting to recreate a mysterious photograph taken by the house's owners. Despite using various devices and camera settings, they were unable to replicate the eerie image. With little paranormal activity detected in the basement, the pair decided to venture upstairs.

Next Katrina and Heather investigated the Holzer Suite, a room notorious for reports of visitors being pinched by unseen hands. In this unsettling space, Katrina and Heather conducted a spirit box session, hoping to communicate with any lingering spirits.

Moving on to the Hoover Suite, the investigators first read about previous ghostly encounters from the guest book. Tales of disturbed nights' sleep and strange occurrences set the stage for their own experiences. As they conducted another spirit box session, they received intriguing responses, including what sounded like the name of the house's owner.

Following a hunch that more paranormal activity might occur when people are alone in the house, Katrina and Heather formulate a plan to split up for solo vigils. The team head off in separate directions as the episode comes to an end, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next instalment of 'Travel the Dead'.

The episode was shared on Katrina's official YouTube channel. Katrina is best known for her appearances as a lead investigator in 'Portals To Hell' alongside Jack Osbourne, and prior to that as the co-host of 'Paranormal Lockdown' with Nick Groff.

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