Paranormal BFFs Katrina Weidman & Heather Taddy Return To Pennhurst Asylum

March 19, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormalYouTube

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Katrina Weidman & Heather Taddy - Travel The Dead: Pennhurst
Katrina Weidman and Heather Taddy, the popular television ghost hunters, have returned with a new investigation in their web series called 'Travel The Dead'. In this three-part series, they explore the infamous Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania.

The series is available for free on Katrina's official YouTube channel. As they travel to the location, Heather shares her previous experiences with the place, saying, "I've had terrifying experiences investigating this place, from EVPs to footsteps to knocking sounds. It's a pretty terrifying place, and I'm meeting Katrina there."

Upon arrival at the asylum, a location they have both visited before, the two investigators meet Zak Heino, an electrical engineer who they've invited to join them and test his new equipment.

In the first part, Katrina and Heather begin their first vigil in the Mayflower Building, an area where Katrina had previously experienced strange occurrences. This time, they were assisted by Zak, who brought a wide array of ghost hunting equipment, including a custom-made device called an "Ectopod" that uses various sensors to analyse its surroundings and predict paranormal activity.

Zak's equipment also included an ICCD camera, a type of camera that intensifies the photons of light without needing an infrared illuminator, and a Tesla coil to charge the environment. Katrina said, "I've used Tesla coils before in the past, and we have seen immediate results or changes in the atmosphere."

Part One

In the second part of their investigation, the team moves to the third floor of the Mayflower Building, a location familiar to all three investigators. Zak charges the dark corridors with energy using his Tesla coil, and they immediately hear an unexplained bang from somewhere else in the building. This is followed by several other unexplained sounds and even voices.

"It's not just some little light noise, it's loud," Heather says. Katrina agrees, saying, "yeah, it's like a strong woman's walking through the building."

Despite the eerie noises, Katrina maintains a rational mindset, telling viewers, "we haven't seen an animal, and not to say that it couldn't be an animal, but we are hearing definite patterns of human feet." The team then spends some time trying to locate the source of the sound.

Part Two

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In the previous part of their investigation, the team experienced a plethora of strange occurrences on the third floor of the Mayflower Building. To continue their investigation, they decided to move to the second floor and see if they could witness any further paranormal activity. As soon as they stepped into one of the asylum's dimly lit corridors, Zak's Tesla coil began making a peculiar clicking sound, as if an invisible force was touching it and causing it to discharge. Zak, startled by the noise, exclaimed, "It sounds like something is in close proximity to it."

After a while, Katrina decided to conduct a lone vigil on the third floor. As she ascended the pitch-black stairs alone, she expressed her apprehension, saying, "I'm a little scared because we've been hearing so much stuff up there tonight and it doesn't make any sense." Despite her fears, she went on with her vigil. However, she heard several inexplicable sounds while being alone in the darkness. She admitted, "Maybe they're not the most bizarre unexplainable events one could experience, but let me tell you something, when you're up here alone, it's a whole different story." She further added, "So, I'm going to go back down and join the group."

Later in their investigation, the team visited the Rockwell Tunnel, where they had set up various ghost-hunting devices such as a REM-Pod, Mel Meter, and a Geoport. After a while, they relocated to the Devon Building, which was notorious for unexplainable happenings.

The final part of their investigation culminated in Katrina and Heather conducting solo vigils on the third floor of the Mayflower Building. During their solo vigils, both investigators heard several more inexplicable bangs.

As the team packed up their equipment, Katrina commented, "I have to say, it has been the most active investigation we've done." Heather agreed, saying, "I don't know what it is about the upper floor of Mayflower, but we heard loud bangs and footsteps all night."

Part Three

All three parts of Katrina and Heather's investigation of Pennhurst Asylum are now available to watch on YouTube. Additionally, a bonus footage video is available in which Zak provides further details on his equipment and shares his insights on how the paranormal field can progress. The video also features newly discovered evidence captured on Zak's photon-intensifying camera during the investigation.

You can also watch all five parts of Katrina and Heather's previous investigation, which originally streamed last year, and in which the duo confronted the spirits at the notorious White Hill Mansion in New Jersey.

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