'Travel The Dead' At 1912 Historic Hoover House - Part One

March 22, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal

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Katrina Weidman & Heather Taddy - Travel The Dead: Historic Hoover House
Katrina Weidman and Heather Taddy are back for another investigation as part of their YouTube series, 'Travel The Dead'. This time round the investigators visit the 1912 Historic Hoover House in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, to investigate reported paranormal activity in the house. New owners Pam and Steve Barry moved into the house three months ago, and immediately start experiencing strange occurrences, prompting them to call in Katrina and Heather for assistance.

The 1912 Historic Hoover House was originally built as a private residence by Ira Hoover, who died in the Holzer Suite. Tragically, his daughter Eleanor also passed away in the same room 13 years later. The house has since changed hands several times and was used as a long-term care facility before being purchased by paranormal investigators Pam and Steve.

Pam wanted a location that would not only fit the paranormal but also touch people's hearts. The energy and vibration of the 1912 Historic Hoover House resonated with them, and they felt it was the perfect location. Since living in the house, Pam has caught a dark shadow in a photo taken in the basement, which Heather described as "pretty compelling."

Katrina and Heather met at the property ahead of their investigation. Both were not previously aware of the property's history. This was the first time they had been to the location, and they were both eager to begin their investigation.

To further assist in the investigation, Katrina invited medium Michelle Belanger to conduct a remote psychic reading via a video call from her home in Ohio. Michelle didn't know where Katrina was and closed her eyes so she couldn't see the rooms, but she picked up on the fact that it was residential and the energy of a woman. She also described a figure in the hallway that she referred to as "scarecrow man" because there's something "off in the way the figure looks to me."

Katrina was convinced that Michelle "pretty much hit on everything" and believes that her description of the scarecrow man matches the descriptions of the shadow figure spotted by Pam.

In the next part of the investigation Katrina and Heather conduct their first overnight vigil in the 1912 Historic Hoover House. They plan to use various pieces of ghost hunting technology and methods to helped shed light on the house's paranormal activity and its history.

The episode was shared on Katrina's official YouTube channel. Katrina is best known for her appearances as a lead investigator in 'Portals To Hell' alongside Jack Osbourne, and prior to that as the co-host of 'Paranormal Lockdown' with Nick Groff.

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