'Travel The Dead': Heather Taddy Ventures Into The White Hill Mansion Alone

May 15, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormalYouTube

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Heather Taddy - Travel The Dead
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Last week Katrina Weidman and Heather Taddy continued their new paranormal web series, 'Travel The Dead' with the help of psychic medium, Michelle Belanger, who conducted a remote reading of the house in Fieldsboro, New Jersey.

Katrina had already been in the house alone for her initial walk around in the first part of the five-part investigation, so now it's the turn of her co-star, Heather.

Fans eager to know what happens next will be pleased to hear that the third part of the investigation has dropped and we see what happened when Heather braved White Hill Mansion alone, you can watch the second part in full below...

Before she got stuck into her solo investigation, Heather did a walk around the house with the show's camera op, Kat C. As they walked into the creepy house together, Heather said, "finally after hours of waiting, I'm going in."

As she walked around the darkened house, which is full of eerie Halloween-like paraphernalia and decorations, Heather said, "it's wild going into a place like this and not knowing anything about it." This is because Katrina hasn't told her anything about the location in advance.

They moved up into the attic where Heather said, "it doesn't feel that great up here, and I'm not a medium or anything, I can just... you know, when you're in a place where trauma has occurred or really bad things have happened, you can get a feel for that." She added, "I think the attic is a place I'm going to focus on."

During her walk around the property she heard unexplained whispers, knocks, what sounded like furniture moving, and the sound of distant screaming. Heather wasn't sure, but thought the screams might have been coming from the bar down the road, perhaps she will find out for sure once she starts her investigation.

Kat then left Heather in the house completely alone, and Heather radioed through to Katrina to tell her she was ready to start her solo investigation. A good luck message came from Katrina, she said, "I hope a ghost comes to you and takes you into the black hole."

Heather started out in what's known as "The Little Boy Room" with a laser light grid that detects movement, a digital audio recorder, and a stuffed toy dog with a REM-Pod inside it. A REM-Pod is a ghost hunting gadget that radiates its own electrostatic field, if anything conductive enters and disturbs the field the gadget will alert them by beeping and lighting up. The fact it's built inside a toy dog should make it more appealing to child spirits.

Moments after telling us she'd set all this up, Heather was in the attic, and then in the basement bar. Heather's walkie talkie had been continually making frequent crackling sounds throughout her investigation, and by this point it was bothering her. So she called out to the spirits and asked them if they were responsible and to try to communicate through the radio, in response, the walkie talkie continued to frequently crackle.

It would have been interesting to see Heather and Katrina change the channel on the walkie talkie to see if this caused the sounds to stop, or could the spirits continue to manipulate the device when it's operating on a different frequency?

Later upstairs, Heather picked up a creepy old doll and said, "I'm wondering if these objects maybe carry some sort of energy with them, or if these were in fact maybe kids' toys that have died here."

The episode ended with Heather meeting back up with Katrina and telling her what she'd experienced on her solo investigation and how she felt during her time in the house so far.

If you missed the first two parts, you can watch it now on Katrina's YouTube channel, and make sure you don't miss out on part four by subscribing now at youtube.com/katrinaweidman.

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