'Travel The Dead': Katrina Weidman Conducts A Solo Vigil In The White Hill Mansion

May 23, 2022 2:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormalYouTube

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Katrina Weidman - Travel The Dead
Last week Katrina Weidman and Heather Taddy continued their new paranormal web series, 'Travel The Dead' an we saw Heather brave the house in Fieldsboro, New Jersey alone. In the latest episode, the penultimate part of their five part investigation of the White Hill Mansion, it's Katrina's turn to braves the mansion alone.

On Heather's walk around she had been troubled by technical issues that affected her walkie talkie and heard strange noises, perhaps even the sound of voices.

Fans eager to know what happens next will be pleased to hear that the fourth part of the investigation has dropped, you can watch the penultimate part in full below...

Almost immediately, Katrina also fell victim to technical issues and couldn't get some of her equipment to work. Katrina started out on the ground floor with a spirit box like device that spews out random phonics, the sounds that make up words. Supposedly spirits can affect the random nature of this device to form meaningful words and sentences. However on this occasion Katrina had no obviously intelligent responses, but there were perhaps some possible short words amongst the sounds.

Later, Katrina went upstairs to the area that psychic medium, Michelle Belanger, had said was significant during her remote reading of the house via a video call in episode two.

Towards the end of the episode, Katrina was rejoined by Heather and they went to investigate the sinister attic together. The two decided that they need to venture into the creepy back rooms of the attic, and this is where we leave the duo... until next time.

If you missed the first three parts, you can watch them now on Katrina's YouTube channel, and make sure you don't miss out on part five by subscribing now at youtube.com/katrinaweidman.

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