'Travel The Dead': Katrina Weidman & Heather Taddy Complete Their Investigation Of The White Hill Mansion

May 29, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormalYouTube

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Katrina Weidman - Travel The Dead
The final part of Katrina Weidman and Heather Taddy's five-part investigation of the sinister White Hill Mansion in New Jersey, and this time they join forces to tackle the attic.

In the previous episodes Katrina and Heather have both spent some time on solo vigils in the creepy house. In the final ten-minute instalment of their investigation, the duo join forces to search for spooks in the house's most foreboding area, the attic.

When we left the investigators at the end of the previous episode, they were just venturing into the back part of the attic. See what happened next by watching the final part in full below...

They started their investigation by using a spirit box like device that spews out random phonics, the sounds that make up words. Supposedly spirits can affect the random nature of this device to form meaningful words and sentences. They heard what Katrina thought sounded like the word "bathroom," leading them to question whether the spirit could be in that room of the house.

Heather thought the noises sounded French. She said, "it sounds like someone's almost speaking French and it's getting chopped up through that." She added, "like I'm hearing French syllables." This could be related to the fact the one of the original families at Whitehall was of French heritage, although it should be remembered that there will be a lot of overlap between the French phonemes and the English ones loaded into the device. A little while later the device seemed to say Heather's name and the phrase "they're here."

They soon heard what sounded like something rolling or shaking, but at first they couldn't pinpoint where the mysterious sound had come from. Once they did work out where the noise had come from, they were left with more questions than answers.

Katrina summed up the investigation by saying, "White Hill to me is a really special place, and I had a very personal experience here years ago. I know several people who have had experiences here and then brought in Heather who's never been here, didn't know the history, still doesn't know much of the history, or experiences, and she was able to pick out the same exact locations that time after time people pick out as being odd or creepy."

If you missed the any of the investigation, you can watch it now on Katrina's YouTube channel, and make sure you don't miss out on future investigations by subscribing now at youtube.com/katrinaweidman.

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