'Uncanny' Season Two Quiz

June 26, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalPodcasts
Uncanny Season 2
For the past 12 weeks, Danny Robins has embarked on an exploration into the world of the paranormal, unearthing true stories of hauntings, cryptids, guardian angels, and UFO sightings in 'Uncanny'. How much can you remember about the fascinating cases in the paranormal podcast's second season?

Challenge your memory with this series of tricky trivia questions. Don't forget to share your score with us!

1. In episode one Marie tells us about a haunting at Ampleforth Abbey, but which part of the abbey was she assigned to live in?

2. Who were the key witnesses to the Room 611 case that featured in the season two episode recorded live at the first-ever UncannyCon?

3. In Alex's experience with the Ouija board, who did they reportedly communicate with during their first session at Barker Barracks?

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4. What potentially ties Ciarán O'Keeffe to the Rendlesham case?

5. What was the name of the woman who Kitty believed haunted her former home in Maryport?

6. Which UFO expert joined Danny for the episode about the Rendlesham Forest incident?

7. After spotting a painting in a shop window, Tom has a realisation about his past life, what does he feel he was?

8. Who joined Danny and Evelyn Hollow to discuss the haunting at Number 67 in 'My Family's Poltergeist'?

9. Who does Matthew believe is his guardian angel Bernie is?

10. What was the occasion that took Ian and Dermot to Langeais in France in their teenage years?

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11. Which of these contributors did NOT join Danny's panel of experts for the first time in season two?

12. What was the phrase that would appear on the walls of the Barker Barracks when it rained?

13. Guests left reviews about their terrifying experiences at a haunted Airbnb in Maryport, but what was the house's former use?

14. Who was Danny's guest co-host for the podcast episode recorded live at UncannyCon?

15. Which of these is a title of an episode in the second series of 'Uncanny'?

16. Which entity did Marie consistently hear every night at Ampleforth Abbey?

17. Who is the central figure Danny talks to about the Rendlesham Forest incident?

18. Which of these experts did NOT appear in season two of 'Uncanny'?

19. What event initiated Will's paranormal experiences in which Harry called?

20. Who is Danny's special guest for the episode recorded at Hay Festival?


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