Danny Robins Discovers What Happened In The Room Next Door In Part Two Of The 'Uncanny' Summer Special

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Uncanny - The Room Next Door
Last week Danny Robins took listeners on a nightmare holiday with Scott's story of an unsettling night in a Newfoundland holiday home, in the first part of the 'Uncanny' summer special. This week, Scott's story continues as Danny speaks to more witnesses and finds out what happened in the room next door.

Previously, Scott had told the podcast host about is terrifying night a rented house on the island of Twillingate. The unnerving experience included strange voices blasting through a radio, unexplained sounds, threatening footsteps, and ghostly figures. The night climaxed with Scott's brother, Callum being thrown from the bed they were sharing.

This week, Danny delves back into the story. The 30-minute-long episode is available to listen to now on BBC Sounds.

Danny said, "this episode we're gonna hear what occurred in the other bedrooms in that house, as we meet a new witness, Scott's dad, Brian. Prepare yourselves, at this brightest time of the year, we're going to a very dark place."

The second part of the story kicked off with Danny chatting to Charis Cotter, a local writer who knows Twillingate well. She told Danny, "Twillingate would have its share of tragic stories of people dying in fishing accidents. You'd see your husband and your young teenage sons heading off, and you just didn't know if you're ever going to see them again."

We then heard from Brian, who admitted, "I didn't like it right from the start". He was able to confirm many of the aspects of Scott's story, including the booming voice heard from the radio in the house.

During the same night that Scott and Callum were having their experience, Brian and his wife Pat were trying to get to sleep in the adjacent master bedroom. Brain said, "it seemed like an eternity and then the silence is broken by a sound. We could hear outside voices. The strange part was, as we were laying there, we could hear them walking underneath the window, but these footsteps were on gravel, it sounded like walking across gravel, but there's no gravel out there, it was all surrounded by grass."

Brian told Danny that the house was in the middle of no where and that the sound couldn't have travelled from elsewhere. More worryingly, next Brian heard footsteps outside the door of the bedroom. He recalled, "it was like a slow, methodical walk up and down in between the bedrooms." Brian told Danny how he waited till the footsteps were right outside the door and then swung it open. "There was absolutely nothing there," he said, adding, "but the strange part was when I opened the door, the footsteps stopped immediately and that really sent a shiver down my back."

Brian also said that he heard a loud thud, which he thinks was the moment that Callum flew from his bed. He said, "that sound was definitely the sound of Callum flying out of bed, there's no doubt about that. Absolutely no doubt at all."

Although Brian was scared for his family, Pat begged him not to leave the room, so he just lead there. He said, "do you ever have that feeling there is somebody standing next to you and watching you? That was what I had, I could just feel this whatever it was just standing next to me."

Danny pushed Brian on this and asked what it was that was stood over him, Brian replied, "I couldn't tell you whether it was a man or a woman or anything. It was just something that was there. It was like a terror, a cold sensation going across your shoulders. The thing was not friendly."

Brian added, "without a doubt, whatever was in that room was evil. It wanted to do us harm and wanted to frighten us."

The next morning while Pat was showering, Brian found a sickening brown smear on a towel. He said, "I would say the best way to describe it is like a two foot strip all the way down the towel, and that was very very unsettling." After this, the family jumped in the car and left.

What The Experts Think

Once again, Danny was joined by Evelyn Hollow, a parapsychologist who is also currently appearing in the Discovery+ series, 'Spooked Scotland'. Evelyn is joined by writer and former editor of the Sceptic Magazine, Deborah Hyde.

Danny said to Deborah, "the thing that strikes me though listening to Brian is what an impact the house had on him from the very moment they arrived. Is it possible that his fear could have affected other members of the family?" Deborah agreed, "I think they will be affecting each other and the fact that Scott was reading horror novels and that Brian himself felt uncomfortable meant that they probably all started out being primed. And then of course, there are external things that happen - the landlord turning up and saying, 'have you seen the ghost yet?', the house creaked they'd had the experience with the radio - that's going to unnerve anybody."

Deborah also questions the timeframe of the events, does Brian hear one set of footsteps and then Scott hears Brian's footsteps? Deborah said, "we'll never know quite about the timing. Similarly, when Brian goes in to check on the kids and finds them asleep, does Scott misremember that in terms of the timeline and attributed to the entity opening the creaky door later?"

But Evelyn adds, "if it was just them hearing their dad going down to check, what triggered their dad going down to check on them? Because he must have heard a noise initially, so there must be one set of actual footsteps to trigger it."

Turning their attention to the dirty towel found by Brian, Evelyn said, "when we talk about phenomenon in these sorts of cases, certain things always feel like a warning shot or a threat, and so at this point in the case, that is about as big a sign that says 'get out of my house', as you could possibly have."

But Deborah thinks there maybe a more mundane explanation, "I really think that that towel was just left behind, and that because of the fear that the family were feeling, they retrospectively applied a nasty meaning to it." She added, "I think that there was a culture in this family of being open to ghost stories, and if you're in a place that looks haunted, you're going to think about ghosts."
The first part of the 'Uncanny' Summer Special is available now on BBC Sounds and the second part is now available here. The summer special continues next week with one more episode, which will drop at 9pm on Monday, June 20. You can subscribe now on BBC Sounds and the new episode will automatically drop into your feed.

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