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Paranormal Day Paracon 2020

When You Can't Go To The Paracon, The Paracon Comes To You

The first online Paranormal Day Paracon, driven forward by the current global pandemic and hosted by Haunt Jaunts, the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre (HAPRC) and Haunted Magazine.

The online event took place on Sunday 3rd May and gave fans of the paranormal 12 hours of free content to watch via Facebook. The event was the brainchild of Courtney Mroch, who runs the website Haunt Jaunts, a blog dedicated to the darker side of travel.

The event brought together paranormal experts, enthusiasts and ghost hunters from across the UK and from the United States. If you missed any of the guest speakers or sessions, you can watch each presentation back below and re-live the whole event.

4pm: Richard Estep

Author and star of 'Haunted Hospitals' and 'Paranormal 911', Richard Estep, kicks off 12 hours of live paranormal content. In an interview with the event's organiser, Courtney Mroch, Richard speaks about his prolific writing career and his upcoming new television series, 'Paranormal Nightshift'. The new show is an off-shoot of 'Paranormal 911' and will feature strange tales from night workers.


The pair also question how the coronavirus lockdown could affect paranormal activity. Richard says that there are many locations that have never gone so long without being investigated. He likens it to a farmer leaving a field fallow for one year to encourage crops to grow better the following summer. He therefore thinks that when the lockdown is relaxed and investigations resume, some location might be "more active than ever before."


Also find out what is in Richard's own paranormal investigator's kitbag, how his equipment compares to the tool used by early investigators like Harry Price, and what you should be buying when starting out in the paranormal world.

4:30pm: Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?

Jayne Harris - Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?

Jayne Harris, one of the lead investigators on the British paranormal show 'Help! My House Is Haunted', tackles an English mystery that dates back to 1944 when some graffiti appeared in Hagley that read "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?." Jayne, who also runs the paranormal events company HD Paranormal, talked about the significance of the words and the reason why  they have become a lasting mystery. The words appeared in the English village shortly after unidentified skeletonised remains of a woman were discovered inside the hollow trunk of a wych elm tree. An autopsy discover that she was murdered in 1941.

Jayne's talk was brilliantly produced, informative and engaging. One virtual paracon attendee who watched the live presentation wrote "this was the best thing I've seen on Facebook in a very long time! Hands down - awesome. She's bloody good."

If you missed Jayne's talk you can  watch it back here, or if she's fired up your curiosity for the mystery and you want to find out more about the case of Bella, then check out Jayne's full documentary 'Who put Bella in The Wych-Elm? - The Untold Secrets' on Amazon Prime Video.

5pm: Virtual Cemetery Tour: Tombstone Symbolism, Urban Legends, Haunted Lore

Author and podcast host, Tui Snider, took over the event at 5pm. Tui, an expert in historic cemetery symbolism, lost history and haunted lore, took us on a virtual tour of some of her favourite cemeteries in her local area of North Texas. In the virtual tour Tui showed us a witch's tomb, a serial killer's grave and even what's alleged to be an alien's grave. Tui will taught us about the symbolism we encountered along the way.

5:30pm: Five Haunted Locations From 'Help! My House Is Haunted'

Barri Ghai is a prominent British paranormal investigator known for his appearances in 'Unexplained: Caught on Camera' and 'Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live'. More recently Barri, who also runs the events company Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, has starred in two seasons of Really's 'Help! My House Is Haunted' and in this online presentation, Barri talks us through five of the most memorable locations from the series.

6pm: The Ghosts Of Kassel

RAF Tibenham

Penny Griffiths-Morgan is an author and host of the podcast 'Haunted Histories'. Penny used her time at the helm of the Paranormal Day Paracon to talk about the haunting at USAAF Base RAF Tibenham, a location that features in Penny's new book, 'A Haunted Experiment'.

If you're a member of Penny's 'Haunted Histories' group on Facebook, then you can watch her talk in full here.

6pm: Alex Matsuo

The Paranormal Day Paracon's organiser, Courtney Mroch, interviewed paranormal investigator and founder of the Association of Paranormal Study, Alex Matsuo. The pair talked about how Alex first got into the field of paranormal research and her YouTube channel, 'Singing & Spooky Stuff'.

6:30pm: Pandemic And The Paranormal

Pamela K. Kinney is an American horror, fantasy and science fiction writer. As she takes the reigns of the virtual paracon, she talks about pandemics of the past, like the black plague and Spanish flu, plus even nods to the yellow fever and tuberculous, and how they affected the paranormal.

7pm: Top Spook-Eats Places In The USA

Amanda Woomer runs Spook-Eats, a blog dedicated to travel and food with a paranormal twist. In her paracon slot from 7pm she ran us through her five favourite haunted restaurants in America.

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7:30pm: Haunted Advisor

The first of today's shows to come from the team at the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre (HAPRC), one of the hosts of today's events. Kelly J Ellis is joined by HARPRC's founder Neil Packer to discuss whether it's genuine history or paranormal folklore that drives a paranormal investigation of a location. They are joined by guests Karin Beasant from Cornwall's famous Jamaica Inn and Amy Hickman from Dudley Castle. Amy also discusses how the COVID-19 lockdown has affected the castle.

7:30pm: 'Bye Bye Blackbird' Reading

Emerian Rich is the author of the 'Night's Knights Vampire' series and is the hostess of Emerian is using her slot at the paracon to read 'Bye Bye Blackbird' from 'Shadow People & Cursed Objects', an anthology by Courtney Mroch, the event's host.

8:30pm: Kitsie Duncan

Paranormal Day Paracon organiser Courtney Mroch interviews Kitsie Duncan. Kitsie has been investigating the paranormal for 12 years now and is the producer and lead investigator of the Amazon Prime series 'Oddity Files'.

9pm: The Haunted President: Lincoln Among The Spirits

Troy Taylor is the founder of American Hauntings Ink and an author, he recently collaborated with celebrity ghost hunter Zak Bagans on his 'Ghost-Hunting For Dummies' book, plus countless other books on the unexplained and supernatural in America. For today's #Paracon Troy talked to us about Abraham Lincoln, a man who was more closely connected to the supernatural than any other American president.

9pm: Mike Ricksecker

Courtney Mroch, the blogger behind the Paranormal Day Paracon, interviewed Mike Ricksecker. Mike is a paranormal investigator and "ghostorian" who's best known as the author of 'Ghosts & Legends of Oklahoma,' 'Ghosts Of Maryland,' and the mystery novels 'Deadly Heirs' and 'System Of The Dead.' He also writes an Oklahoma City paranormal column for Examiner.

9:30pm: The Soul Sisters Paranormal Style

Dr. Kristy Sumner from Soul Sisters Paranormal went live from 9:30pm talking about her team's investigation style and highlighted some of their most compelling evidence.

10pm: Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator

At 10pm we returned to the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre with Neil Packer for a special edition of his regular show 'Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator', which normally streams live on the first Tuesday of every month. Neil was joined by Jane Rowley and Amy Slaney. The gang re-tell some of the funnier, more unusual and embarrassing stories that ghost hunters have shared.

11pm: 'Are You Haunted?' Watch Party

Ahead of an interview with husband and wife ghost hunting team Sara and Phil Whyman at midnight, virtual paracon attendees came together for a watch party of an episode of the duo's back-to-basics ghost hunting series filmed at a Tudor hall in Wales.


Penrhyn Old Hall dates back hundreds of years and has a reputation as being haunted. Will the investigators witness the reported phenomenon including the figure of a monk, a female presence on the stairs, voices and unexplained noises?

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12am: Sara & Phil Whyman

Following the Facebook premiere of the first episode of the second season of their web series, Phil and Sara Whyman were interviewed by Courtney Mroch of Courtney found out about the team's honest and simple approach to paranormal investigation, something viewers of 'Are You Haunted?' will be familiar with.


Unfortunately the chat with Courtney was cut short due to technical complication following a power outage at Courtney's house, luckily Neil Packer from the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre was able to jump in and resume the chat with the ghost hunting duo. You can watch the second half of the investigation here.

12:30am: The Importance Of Photo Preservation

Co-founded by Hillary Stone and Jessica Krutell in 2017, the Mystic Mitten Paranormal group is a female lead paranormal investigation team based out of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Hillary and Jessica took to the podium at the 2020 virtual paracon with a special presentation on historical photo preservation. They shared some of their personal collections of photos, taught us how to utilise the resources available through public libraries, and talked about how antique photos have aided them in their paranormal research.

1:15am: HauntedLIVE Watch Party

We're nine hours into the Paranormal Day Paracon and so far the top notch content has been back-to-back, but when you're streaming a mammoth live broadcast unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong. Sadly it was beyond the control of the event organisers. A freak storm rolled over Courtney Mroch's house and knocked out the power, this meant that her 1am interview with Rick McCallum wasn't possible. Rick, a former stuntman, is a founding member of Hollywood Ghost Hunters, a gang of horror film professionals stalking the supernatural. Rick is the writer and editor of Hollywood Ghost Hunter Magazine and author of 'Ghosts Believe In Me'.


In place of Rick was a last minute change to the schedule. Paul Stevenson of Haunted Magazine, one of the event's hosts, jumped in with an episode of his team's paranormal investigation of Moira Furnace. HauntedLIVE are Jason Wall, Simon Powell, A.E. Soar, James Pykett and Paul - five ghost hunters and friends who caught some surprising evidence at this wonderful location.

1:30am: Haunts & History: Partners In Time

Next up was Steve Dills from Transcend Paranormal. Steve has over a decade of experience investigating the paranormal and founded his team in 2010. Transcend Paranormal have worked at various historical locations to not only research and investigate the supernatural, but to also support those sites by raising much-needed funds to help with preservation. You can watch Steve's presentation on Transcend Paranormal's Facebook page.

2am: Live From The Cabin On 360

The Orion Effect is a podcast on the R.I.F.T. Radio Network, a show that aims to inspire body, mind and soul. The Orion Effect team hosted a #Paracon special featuring Cat and The Hitman as they join up with Ryan C Jones and Dennis Estlock.

2:10am: Paul Stevenson & Neil Packer

As the online event comes into its final couple of hours Paul from Haunted Magazine and Neil from the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre come together for a chat about some of their highlights of the day so far.

2:30am: My Time Behind Bars

Miranda Young is the star of the web series 'Ghost Biker Explorations', a unique show that highlights history, legends, mysteries and the unexplained. You can find the show on the Ghost Biker Explorations' Facebook page, YouTube channel and official website.

3:30am: Kendall Whelpton & Steve Gonsalves

Courtney was able to make it back online for the final interview of the paracon. She spoke to television ghost hunter Steve Gonsalves, and Kendall Whelpton about their brilliant new documentary, 'The House In Between'. The feature-length documentary film is released on May 5, 2020 and is available to pre-order on Apple and Amazon Prime now.

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