'The House In Between' Unlocks One Of America's Most Haunted House's Secrets

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The House In Between
If you're expecting just another ghost hunting film, then think again. Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton's 'The House In Between' is the must-see paranormal documentary of 2020 that will leave even the most skeptical viewer scratching their head.

There's nothing special about this house in Florence, Mississippi. It's not even that old. It doesn't look out-of-the-ordinary or particularly creepy, but despite this the house has been described as one of the most haunted in America. For the last decade, its owner has been too afraid to spend a night in the house alone.

Alice Jackson first realised there was something odd about her dream home while it was being built to her specifications in the 1990s. Suddenly she started experiencing slamming doors and the doorbell would ring despite no one being there. The activity continued and Alice learnt to live with it, but in 2011 things escalated when she was awoken in the night by a strange light anomaly.

The terrified homeowner said, "I didn't know if it was a religious experience. I didn't know if it was a UFO experience. I didn't know what it was, but it scared me to death." Since that day, Alice has not spent another night there by herself.

The first half of the one-hour-20-minute-long film is compelling and is sure to make you as curious about the strange goings on in the house as the team of local paranormal investigators that came to Alice's aid.

A ten-year investigation ensued, lead by John Bullard and Brad Cooney, who captured a string of fascinating activity on camera as part of their countless investigations in the rural property.

While the real clips of evidence shown in the film probably aren't going to have you screaming "ghosts are real," even the harshest skeptic couldn't deny that something odd is happening in that house. But, is this the result of something that can be explained by science, or something paranormal?

The team witnessed objects moving, lights turning themselves off, unexplained noises and voices, and doors opening on their own. They even captured their own strange light anomalies on camera.

Perhaps the most compelling piece of evidence and the thing that really caught the attention of the investigators was when they placed a baseball on the stairs. The idea behind this was to use it as a "trigger object" and encourage whatever is haunting the house to move it.

The baseball sat motionless on the stairs for days on end but time and time again the ball has rolled down the stairs for seemingly no reason at all.

As any good paranormal investigator should, the documentary questions every possible cause for this unexplained activity from extraterrestrial visitation to ball lightning. They even consider the possibility that multidimensional beings slipping through for another reality could be to blame.

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Steve Gonsalves - The House In Between

Alice eventually got in touch with Steve Gonsalves. She hoped that with nearly 20 years of experience in the paranormal field, if anyone can get to the bottom of the weird goings on, he can.

Steve is best known for his appearances in 'Ghost Hunters' and 'Ghost Nation', and co-directs 'The House In Between' with Kendall Whelpton, who also worked on 'Ghost Hunters' as a cinematographer.

Steve's initial thoughts on the property were that the happenings are a result of something closer to home than aliens. He said, "I think it's something paranormal. This is something ghostly. This is something of our world. I don't think it's anything that's to do with outer space, UFOs or extraterrestrials."

Although Steve says he doesn't normally use psychic mediums in his investigations, Alice had requested that they get one involved. So Steve arrange for Jill Marie Morris to visit from out of state, ensuring that she had no prior knowledge of the property or the stories associated with it.

If you're the type of person who normally roles your eyes at the first sight of a psychic on television, then you might be surprised by Jill's visit to the house. Not only does she seem to have an uncanny premonition relating to the property, but one of her claims seems to get instantly validated by whatever is lurking in the house.
The House In Between

Other paranormal documentary films have the aim of capturing the ultimate piece of evidence and convincing the viewer that ghosts exist, but refreshingly, 'The House In Between' is a story about a human - homeowner Miss Alice.

No one is ever going to capture the definitive piece of evidence on camera, but this film's mission is different. The filmmakers want to help Alice return to her home, despite enduring the years of paranormal activity that eventually drove her away. This gives the documentary purpose.

Why do paranormal investigators hunt ghosts in the dark? Well, in another break from the ghost hunting norm, in this film they don't. Instead of primarily using grainy night vision footage, this documentary is beautifully shot in full colour using cinematic 4K cameras.

Steve explained how they wanted to film their investigation in a completely new way, "I want the content to stand on its own, based on the solid science we used to explore the house. This isn't just another scary paranormal investigation. This isn't hype: it's frightening because this can happen to anyone, at any time. This is a real person in crisis."

Kendall, who is also known for his cinematographic work on the series 'Ghost Brothers', added, "we wanted to showcase Alice's story through a linear narrative to help us document the real sequence of events as they unfolded, and it paid off."

If you can't wait until its release and want to find out more about 'The House In Between', then don't miss Steve and Kendall's virtual appearance at the online paracon taking place this Sunday. The online event aims to give those locked down at home around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic the chance to get a much needed paranormal fix.

Steve and Kendall will be interviewed by the event's organiser, Courtney Mroch, at 9pm CT (3am BST). You can find out more about the Paranormal Day Paracon and how to watch here.

The feature-length documentary film is released on May 5, 2020 and is available to pre-order on Apple and Amazon Prime now.

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