Spirits In Sheffield's Most Haunted Pub Ye Old Harrow

January 04, 2021 9:00 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Hauntings in January 2021.

Charlene and Aimee set out to investigate what is rumored to be One of The Most Haunted Pubs in Sheffield - The Ye Old Harrow Inn, which is now in an abandoned state. The Pub has previous poltergeist activity reported from its previous tenants. Aimee and Charlene Received Amazing replies and the Footage was actually featured in the Sheffield Star as we believe we may have caught a ghostly lady coming from the Stairs

About Paranormal Hauntings

The Paranormal Hauntings YouTube channel compliments the popular Facebook page, run by paranormal investigator Charlene Lowe Kemp. In their videos you can expect Charlene and the team to be 'creepin it real' in the paranormal field.

With a promise of no click bait posts and no over-the-top dramatics, just honest investigators bringing you evidence they believe could be paranormal and trying to shed some light on some of the most popular theories in the paranormal world.

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